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Dream About Swimming: Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

Swimming is a good physical activity in real life. To dream about swimming is a sure sign you are connected to the realm of emotions and feelings at this time.

Either you need to become more in tune with your emotions, or you are already absorbed in your feelings. Let’s look at the various meanings further.

Symbolism of water

Water is symbolic of emotions, feelings, instincts, and the subconscious mind. Astral and subconscious forces are closely linked to the water element, and swimming in the process of navigating your deeper inner feelings.

As the dreamer, it’s up to you to determine the meaning of a swimming dream, however, the main thing to firstly be aware of is all the associations of water. Water is deeply symbolic.

The divine realm, astral forces, spiritual essence, higher self-awareness, and psychic gifts arise from a connection with and to water.

People born to water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, for example, are very emotional, empathic, compassionate, sensitive, and spiritually advanced. Their souls are evolved because they are in tune with subtle forces and instincts.


They’re also imaginative, prone to clairvoyant and clairsentient/clairaudient tendencies, and creative geniuses; least to mention, telepathic with extrasensory abilities.

Water signs or those with other significant water placement in their natal charts feel things deeply, and they’re more intuitive and emotional than logical or intellectual. 

All of this can be applied to the meaning and symbolism of a swimming dream. 

Any obstacles you might be facing in the realm of relationships, emotions, and communication exchanges can be overcome and handled with ease… As long as you are willing to get real with the sensations you experience. 

Dream meaning of swimming

To dream of swimming is to be shown direct symbolism of the challenges, themes, and cycles of growth occurring in your life.

The act of swimming itself represents so many things; the water surrounding you portrays the struggle of navigating life’s currents and tides. You may have anxiety, stress, worries, and concerns to overcome.

You might be dealing with some adversity or a tricky work, home life, or personal relationship issue. 

Yet life can also be blissful, easy, and effortless. You can be swimming with the waves and in harmony with them instead of against the current. 

Your level of comfort, effort and resistance or flow displayed in the dream will tell you what the deeper message is.

For example, if dreaming about swimming in water is presented with difficulty, this implies challenges in your life. You might be going through an illness. You could be dealing with a divorce, breakup, job imbalance, or creative block. 

You may encounter trials, tribulations, setbacks, and blockages that will help you grow. Any resistance encountered is a step towards self-mastery, however.

Swimming is one of those dreams where wisdom and insight are in the details. Pay attention to the smoothness or choppiness of the water… 

Take note of how you felt in the dream. Did you feel light, content, and full of serenity and ease? Or did you feel uncomfortable, like you couldn’t keep your head above water, or out of breath and tired?!

Keys to higher knowledge and learning are in the details. 

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Dreaming of wearing clothes while swimming

If the focus of the dream was on your clothes, so if your clothes were pinpointed, yet it felt strange in any way; the dream message is that you might be hiding from your true self.

Either you’re hiding from your true self or you’re scared or apprehensive in some way.

Water represents the psyche and soul as you’re now aware, therefore wearing clothes while swimming suggests you’re afraid to be seen for who you are; to be yourself. 

You may want to “cover-up” to mask some aspect of your personality, personal or family life, or public persona. This dream meaning is especially true if you’re wearing clothes in a swimming pool. You can read more about my guide on dreaming about swimming pools.

Explore your inner emotions surrounding your social mask and facade- are you currently presenting a facade, or do you feel quite transparent and authentic? 

This dream is all about authentic relating, heart-to-heart communication, and intimate connections that best serve your soul. 

We can’t be our true selves when we’re always putting on a mask, hiding behind some illusion or mistruths- or distortion of the truth.

A further dream message may be that you’re currently in a state of mental confusion or emotional avoidance. Alternatively, you may be using mental confusion and manipulation tactics on others.

These kinds of dreams have multiple meanings, so be aware of the various dimensions of consciousness to make sense of it. 

Dreaming of swimming in a lake or ocean 

A dream about swimming in a lake represents expansiveness and freedom in your life. This may symbolize creative freedom, intellectual freedom, educational freedom, or emotional freedom. All could apply!

Examine whether there were animals in the lake with you or other dream characters. People and context will provide additional meaning and enhance your ability to engage in your dream interpretation.

For example, if you’ve seen whales in your dream this signifies a deep connection to ancient wisdom and memory. You may be a musician, writer, speaker, motivational coach, teacher, wordsmith, or entertainer.

Whales are linked to song and sound, your soul purpose and passions. You can consult the Whale dream symbolism article for greater meaning and self-discovery here.

Observing dolphins in your dream suggests you need to be more playful and active in your community, or you crave greater freedom in this area. 

Dolphins represent telepathy, mindful and empathic communication, harmony, and positive friendships. Ask yourself, ‘did I feel content and relaxed around the dolphins?’ 

If the answer is a yes, you are on the right path! this dream is a message of having many lovely and supportive relationships in your life. There is harmony, peace, and stability, and you feel free to be yourself.

You should appreciate your authentic connection and playful spirit if this is the case- gratitude is a powerful vibration.

If you feel scared or apprehensive to be in the great vast ocean, and seeing the dolphins swimming freely as something to fear, the meaning is that you still have a block (or blocks) to personal expression.

Your soul desires liberation, yet you don’t know quite how to achieve that yet. Or you have yet to take the steps to live in divine flow and self-alignment.

Consult your dream diary for forgotten messages from past dreams. Alternatively, research other specific water dreams to bring knowledge from your unconscious mind to light. 

You can also meditate for answers, inner guidance, and self-realization. 

Spiritual meaning of swimming in a dream with someone

Swimming with someone in a dream could either be a warning or a good sign. Water represents the unknown on a spiritual and subconscious level.

There are infinite realms and dimensions of being, therefore the act of swimming is wading your way through the unknown waters of divinity; your own divine and limitless nature within.

Swimming with someone signifies that some emotional issue or topic is under evaluation. you may be involved in a romantic or business partnership that requires greater care and attention.

Your full attention and sensitive awareness are required. Whatever partnership or bond you’re immersed in needs empathy and consideration.

This may be a shared financial matter, business bond, family connection, friendship, or situation regarding sexual attraction. The key is to be mindful and use excellent communication skills, never steering away from emotional intelligence and maturity. 

If you are treading lightly, swimming slowly, or moving at a slow pace, you should apply this to your waking life. Handle the situation with ease and care- with gentleness and graceful charm too.

If you’re swimming full speed ahead, with life force and gusto, you can take it as a sign of moving forward with your shared goals or projects without reservation.

Don’t be shy, or timid, as the dream message is you can make significant progress without many (or any) setbacks. This is unless there is some object, person, or event in your way making it clear that you should slow down and not be so zestful. 

Passion is a wonderful thing, but too much passion and life force might be too much when thoughtfulness, patience, and attention to detail are needed. 

Different types of water dreams

To dream of swimming in dirty water is a sign that you have encountered a dark spirit, i.e. a low vibrational and mean-spirited or narcissistic person. 

You may be wrapped up in a legal affair, unsavory relationship exchange, or anything involving children, money, shared resources, business, love, or romance. 

The dirtiness of the water suggests your psyche is currently polluted. Regardless of whether it’s through your own doing, for example through a personal mindset or action, or the ill-intentions and bad behavior of others; you need to cleanse.

You should clear and cleanse your energy field and aura in waking life, instantly after experiencing this swimming dream. Cleansing through contemplation and self-evaluation will help you get to the root of the impurities in your life. 

Something needs to be purified and overlooking this dream symbolism will be very detrimental to your finances, health, security, or well-being. 

To dream of swimming in cold water is your psyche trying to tell you that you are feeling discomfort in a real-life situation. 

There is some tension, internal resistance to an upcoming event, or anxiety associated with your future. Current relationships, intentions, and endeavors might not be going as planned. 

Cold is not a nice feeling, so you need to take note of the sensations and emotions you felt in the dream. Did any words or speech come to you- did anyone speak to you?

Try to pay attention to wisdom conveyed to you. Water dreams often include some aspect of psychic phenomena, for example hearing a voice speaking through the subtle realms.

This links to being multidimensional by nature, and to be more attuned to a psychic and clairvoyant frequency. Telepathy is common in people who have regular water or swimming dreams. 

A common dream is a dream of a flood, but what’s unique about swimming in a flood is the message of chaos and destruction or drama present in your life.

A flood symbolizes chaos, drama, and either destruction and confusion or manipulation and deception occurring in your life. This is the general and holistic message.

The way you react or respond to being in the water will show you that you either tackle life’s chaos with calmness or; you are centered and a master of your emotions!

Or you get lost in the illusions of the world. Negativity can consume the best of people, however, the key to spiritual growth and self-mastery is to ride the waves, so to speak. 

We can’t always control external situations and events, or the way other people behave and act… 

We can control our own feelings, responses, and behaviors, so the flood can represent a chaotic event, a messy relationship, or even a psychotic and dramatic person who is trying to pull you into a storm of violent waters. 

Release negativity by finding your centeredness. Retain your peace above anything else, and if you did stay calm within the flood (in the dream) remember that you are very empowered and grounded in your truth.


Dreaming of swimming symbolizes multiple perspectives. This dream can open you up to your multidimensional nature. You gain a new perspective, ideology, or belief system.

A swimming dream lets you broaden your horizons through the telepathic, subtle, and spiritual messages you receive. 

Were you the swimmer, or were you observing someone else swimming? This provides insight into how you approach life and embrace new perspectives.

For example, if you were the swimmer this might suggest you tackle educational, cultural, and creative opportunities head-on. These provide growth and show you have a persevering, determined, and willful character.

If you were observing someone swimming this dream meaning implies you are still in a process of learning and integrating. 

Perhaps you are exploring your options and are examining your emotional needs, belief systems, and what path to take next. 

You may be considering embarking on a new venture, making significant changes to your financial situation, or wanting a positive sign of a new beginning.

Being the onlooker is all about exploring your possibilities; it’s about being receptive and open to new schools of thought, relating, and energy exchange with others. 

Rebirth and renewal

Rebirth and renewal may be in divine order, regardless of whether the dream was positive or negative. You can overcome a difficult problem, so keep the faith.

Draw from pleasant memories to regain strength and remind yourself of all the beauty in abundance in your life. There’s nothing wrong with telling yourself you’re a boss if you need to!

It’s healthy to sometimes look at ourselves with loving and affectionate thoughts. This is not advocating vanity, admiring your reflection for hours on end, day after day, like a narcissist; but it’s suggesting the importance of healthy esteem and seeing yourself in a positive light. 

If you’re particularly modest, humble, or shy and don’t do vanity or mirrors, increase positive self-reflection. In other words, allow yourself some mirror time!

Look at your eyes as if they are radiating pure light… Smile at your face and skin for the natural beauty and kindness that emanates from within. Appreciate yourself through your reflection, and activate your inner alchemist.

How do you become the alchemist of your life? By consciously projecting positive qualities and light into yourself. 

Rebirth comes from within; renewal can take place on any of the planes- the psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual planes. 

Consider awakening your kundalini through yoga, chi kung, tai chi, pranayama breathing, tantric breathwork, meditation, and both sport and spiritual healing. And, of course, through swimming! 

Swimming in crystal clear water is a very good omen!

Do you have dreams about clear water?

Clear blue water symbolizes peace, contentment, and inner serenity. Even hearing the words ‘clear blue water’ or ‘crystal clear water’ instills a sense of peace and inner tranquility (it certainly does for me!), 

This dream advocates doing within to find your peace. A spiritual retreat or pilgrimage might be in order or you may want to book yourself onto a retreat. Consider seeking out a temple or retreat center in your country. 

You may want to reflect on the movement of your arm’s strokes and the tranquility it brought. I often remember vivid and profound dreams and the imagery within, in waking life, for healing and introspection.

This specific dream helps to enhance the connection and perpetual flow of yin and yang energy. Your subconscious and conscious minds are meant to be in a constant state of harmony and interaction. 

Picturing this flowy and serene motion can assist any introspective, healing, and self-discovery tool or activity you engage in waking life. 

You can visualize the pure inner peace and bliss experienced in the dream to reconnect you to your soul, psyche, or Higher Self. Use dream imagery and euphoric sensations to overcome frustration and melancholy, low mood, or anxiety. 

Imaginative and musical gifts

This dream may suggest you have unique imaginative, artistic, or musical gifts. Water is not only symbolic of sensitivity, compassion, intuition, and astral and feminine energies, but also creative life force.

Connect to your inner artist, creative genius, or amazing musician. Spend more time practicing your artistic craft or amplifying your imagination. 

Activate your imaginative abilities and heal your sensuality and self-expression. As water symbolizes emotions, you may want to work on your Sacral chakra.

This is the energetic center responsible for emotions, creativity, sensuality, and sexuality. 

A blocked or weak sacral chakra leads to many problems in a relationship, creative blocks, and fear and anxiety around human connection. 

You’re unable to express yourself openly and with warmth and vulnerability with a blocked sacral chakra, and there’s simultaneously a lack of libido, passion, and optimism present in your life.

Work with the color orange to stimulate emotional warmth and wisdom while releasing fears. 

Dance, sing, paint, draw, recite poetry, play music, jam, and get in tune with your sensuality for the best results of a swimming dream. 

It doesn’t matter what the individual dream scenario is, water has powerful links to your imagination and psychic, instinctive, and spiritual gifts.


Finally, swimming in water represents adaptability and good fortune. You are likely very lucky, a blessed soul who attracts the most wealth and fortune through remaining flexible.

Unless there is some other unique or specific type of symbolism, take this dream’s meaning as a good omen of the luck and abundance you can attract when keeping a flexible mindset.

Swimming in water symbolizes the fluidity of life and self. Remain adaptable, open-minded, and committed to some higher truth or philosophy. 

You might want to ask for advice from family members you can trust, those with an empathic and sensitive disposition. Don’t turn towards the more cold and logical or overly analytical family members who are disconnected from their emotional wisdom, intelligence, and vulnerability.

The same is true for professional advice and guidance. Swimming will always push you towards connecting with your gentler and feminine side than any other realm. 

If you’re currently going through a difficult time or consulting your dreams to help in a career, health matter, spiritual pursuit, or relationship, apply adaptability and higher philosophical ideals and truths to your approach.

Biblical meaning of swimming

The biblical meaning of dreaming of swimming is one of divine protection. You are divinely protected and there are angelic and benevolent forces surrounding you.

This dream symbolism implies being on with the holy spirit or Great Spirit, depending on your religious or spiritual preference. 

You should focus less on material things and more on the divine, invisible, and spiritual energy that is permeating our physical universe. Connect to the ether and higher realms. 

Listen to your gut feeling, intuition, and inner voice for decision-making as well. The message is to not give your power away for drama or trivial pursuits. 

Whilst others may be only focused on sex, money, other material-physical pursuits, and an intellectual connection, you are here to remind people that emotional intelligence and empathy are just as, if not more, important.

The same is true for seeing with spiritual eyes and perception skills. 

To Conclude

This is one of the longer dream interpretation articles because there are so many possible meanings and energetic associations.

Remember that you are a multidimensional being with many different qualities and hidden gifts & talents to tune into. Never get lost or stuck in solely the 3D realm; embrace your inner magician and seek to connect to a higher power. There is so much magic in store for those with eyes to see and hearts to feel.

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