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Dream About A Tree Falling Meaning and Symbolism

To dream about a tree falling is to receive spiritual insight into something in your life becoming uprooted. Either something is coming tumbling down or you are worrying about something.

Whether it’s about a fallen tree branch or a tree falling on your house, let’s explore this further. 

Upheaval, chaos, and rebirth

To dream of a falling tree is to gain insight into some deeper themes occurring in your life, or themes and events that are about to occur. A tree falling is generally a symbol of chaos and upheaval.

The tree can be seen as a symbol of consciousness. A lot of healing, spiritual, and holistic practices teach a very simple yet powerful exercise called the ‘tree meditation for grounding.’

This is where you sit with your back against the trunk of a tree, and your knees bent with your feet firmly on the ground. The key to this tree meditation is to synchronize your breathing with the tree’s life force…

Imagine your feet are the tree’s roots, your spine is the tree’s trunk, and your crown chakra located at the top of your head, which links to cosmic and universal consciousness, is the tree’s leaves, extending out into the ether. This is the basis of this meditation.

Picture this for a moment. Once you start to realize just how interconnected and at one with nature we are, you will begin to understand the falling tree symbolism better. 

A dream of a falling tree signifies that something is crumbling down in your life.

But this upheaval leads to rebirth, positive change, and transformation. Potentially.

Ask yourself whether the message is positive or negative from the impression, mood, tone, or vibe of the dream.

Is there an eerie, spooky, or dark feeling? If so, this suggests a disaster or bad event is looming- chaos that may not be positive. If, however, there is a feeling of calmness and serenity, peace, and heavenly bliss, the collapsing tree can lead to beautiful growth. 

Exploring your ‘roots’

Exploring your roots is a tool for personal growth and longevity, and you can actually discover longevity through the spiritual meaning of the tree. Just like it has been described above, we ourselves are very similar to trees.

Using visualization and conscious breathwork, you can get in tune with your inner chi- universal life force energy- and explore your roots. 

Tree symbolism is linked to the Root chakra, the first of seven major chakras as portrayed by Taoist and eastern philosophy. Chakra philosophy has its roots in ancient times, stemming back to the Sanskrit language. 

Chakra means “energy wheel” or “energy portal.” The root chakra symbolizes security, groundedness, passion, vitality, life force, libido, sexual energy, and our basic human desires and drive. Primal instincts and needs too. 

Apply this all to the dream meaning of a falling tree, and you will see why knowing about the root chakra is important.

Trees provide us security, shelter, and ultimately survival. Without trees, we would not exist! They are therefore our home, shelter, comfort, and protection, in both a physical and energetic or spiritual way.

When a tree falls and is uprooted, the message is that you need to explore your root chakra. 

You may have been dealing with some instability, or you might need to look for clues on your feelings toward security, comfort, and the physical foundations of your life. Do you currently have a home or are you a bit of a nomad?

Do you seek our creature comforts linked to home, long-lasting domestic connections, and self-preservation; or are you a free spirit who considers “home” everywhere…? 

Observing and reflecting on the emotions and mood of the dream will help you discover your innermost needs. Also, your belief systems surrounding survival and security, and what you need out of relationships. 

A connection to mother nature

The holistic message is that you are part of mother earth, mother nature. Mother nature is a feminine principle (just as father sky is a masculine principle). So you should really contemplate how much respect you give to the natural world. 

Spend some time in solitude. Introspection, conscious reflection, and mindful contemplation are advised. You can get to the root of illness or financial losses, family or relationship breakdowns, and weaknesses in your life through soul-searching.

All of the above are perfect for low self-esteem, disappointment in your personal life, and any wrong turns taken. 

If you’ve made decisions that have led you in the wrong direction, you can steer your path back on course. Wisdom is birthed from introspection and silent contemplation. 

Regardless of how neutral, negative, or positive this dream is, you can also find great abundance and good luck. A sense of friendship, patience, empathy, kindness, sincerity, generosity, and compassion are inherent to this dream meaning.

Why? Because the tree is symbolic of the heart chakra, and the heart sits right in the middle of the lower chakras and higher ones. the heart is a bridge between lower and higher consciousness. 

It’s also the key to spiritual growth, self-awareness, higher wisdom and truth, and the outward flow of love and empathy; self-love, and unconditional or universal love. 

Different types of trees (symbolism) 

An oak tree is a symbol of courage, personal power, and authority. Oak trees are mighty and strong, so an oak tree falling or crashing to the ground suggests that you need to re-find your center.

Center yourself, ground, and find self-alignment. This then increases inner strength, physical vitality, potent instincts, and intuitive and psychic forces. Several powers arise from a tree as ancient and mighty as the great oak…

A palm tree represents a connection to warmer climates and sunnier days, so when you see one falling the message is that you’ve lost touch with your sense of optimism and positive spirit.

You may need to travel again, explore faraway lands, seek out cultural opportunities, or connect with like-minded people- kindred spirits and other upbeat and funky souls who possess open minds. 

Be open to change, adventure, travel, and new possibilities. Try to regain your spark and zest for life, further drawing energy and inspiration from the Sun. 

A coconut tree falling suggests there is a seed, either literal or metaphorical, in your life that needs greater care and attention. Not everyone knows this but coconuts are actually seeds. So when a coconut tree falls it is a warning message that you should be giving more time, attention, and focus to something, perhaps a project or a relationship. 

A cherry, orange, or apple tree (or any fruit trees, such as ones producing plums or berries) provide a similar meaning. These trees falling imply a lack or shortage of abundance in your life. 

You need to be more mindful of how you value your resources, spend and save your money, and honor the blessings in your life. Fruit is a symbol of fertility, good harvest, and receiving rewards… 

If a fruit tree is falling, there is some type of blockage in your life or energy field preventing the effortless flow of abundance. You should respect mother earth and count your blessings, being appreciative of all you have, and also work with the earth element. 

A flowering tree and evergreen trees bring a positive vibration of warmth, vitality, and friendship. This is because the green leaves symbolize positivity, happiness, kinship, generosity, and unity & togetherness. 

Yet, when these types of trees fall you should be more attentive to the close bonds and intimate relationships in your life. You need to put more focus on maintaining peace, harmony, and the spirit of cooperation in your relationships. 

If you specifically see a tree’s trunk as the main symbol of consciousness exploration, this will tell you that you need to work on your life force.

Chi, your vital life force energy, is powerful and highly significant in lasting health and well-being. Engage in exercises that amplify your kundalini or life force energy, and help to lead to a healthy skeletal system; specifically, work on your posture and spine. 

Shakti dance, kundalini yoga, and therapies that assist in awakening your kundalini and balancing your chakras are advised. Heal yourself through holistic activities, as you are a holistic being. 

Psychological meaning

One of the dream symbols is a good sign of fertility and abundance. On the psychological and mental planes, fertility can be accessed from a number of different outlets.

Innovative, intellectual, creative, imaginative, and artistic skills and abilities can all be enhanced. You can connect to your left and right brain simultaneously, as the tree is a symbol of unity

I.e. it doesn’t discriminate, it is holistically encompassing

Seek to enhance and integrate your left and right brain qualities. Your left brain relates to reason, logic, analysis, and linear thinking, while the right brain hemisphere is more multidimensional, intuitive, imaginative, and ‘free flowing’ (ideas, concepts, etc.). 

Consider how your professional, intellectual, and educational achievements link to your psychological needs and thought processes, and the messages conveyed in the dream. This will be unique to you.

Emotional meaning

For an emotional meaning tree falling dream, you might receive a hint with the presence of a storm. Strong winds, hurricanes, and a gloomy effect are all common when your subconscious mind is trying to show you something about your emotions.

No matter how chaotic or destructive the atmosphere is, know that it’s all a loving push towards purging and clearing.

Release, let go, and be completely honest with your emotional needs and desires.

Forgiveness links here. Reflect on how you need to forgive yourself or others to move forward in your life. Beautiful trees are often shown in dreams with an emotional clue. 

Physical meaning

A destroyed or withered tree is usual when there is a physical warning meaning, which means some material or physical element is coming to the forefront of your awareness.

You may have been experiencing financial problems in waking life or have recently had a stagnated flow of clients, income, money, or abundance. If this hasn’t happened yet it might do soon.

Your line of security or safety blanket might come crashing down, and this may be a minor or major change. It will be a catalyst to new physical foundations and material resources, however.

You don’t need to worry or live in fear, but you should listen to the messages. Something important to you might disappear soon, like a job, friend, relationship, business partnership, or financial asset.

Take note of the colors, surrounding objects or scenery, and people or characters involved, in the dream, to make sense of the wisdom. When you wake up tap into your emotional body to sense your gut instincts (what is the feeling/message?!). 

Spiritual meaning of trees falling

A tree falling is a sign of fate, it’s a good omen! The theme of death and rebirth is linked here, so the tree is a messenger of Spirit. Be open to new possibilities. 

This energetic universe we live in is expansive, infinite, and eternal; we are more than the physical body… We are spiritual beings having a human experience, or physical beings having a spiritual one.

Trees are timeless with ancient wisdom and memory stored in their roots. They spark higher consciousness and spiritual self-awareness, in addition to secrets of the quantum realm.

You may be shown timeless wisdom, a secret from the invisible realm, or direct knowledge into the sacred and universal laws. Profound imagery could be presented to you in a way that is catalytic to intuition and psychic gifts.

Some people are receptive to a premonition or precognitive gift, which is predicting or seeing the future through dreams. Dreaming is a multidimensional experience for those open to the different, subtle, realms and dimensions. 

A new paradigm is here. Spiritual awakening occurs every day- you don’t have to go on a spiritual retreat or pilgrimage to begin a path of self-mastery or enlightenment. 

A tree falling in a dream is a spiritual symbol of deep awakening and illumination. Be open to the possibility of divine revelations and self-actualization shining through the astral, ethereal, and subtle realms! 

To Conclude

Hopefully, this article has provided you with in-depth wisdom and insight into the meaning of a tree, a tree falling and what it means to see falling trees in dreams. Not all bad or negative dream signs are bad; they are, in fact, gateways to growth and self-evolution. 

In the words of the famous inventor, Nikola Tesla, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” Be prepared to read between the lines.

*photo by ShotStudio/depositphotos

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