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White Snake In Dream Meaning and Symbolism

The white snake symbolism amplifies all the qualities of the snake and infuses it with purity, innocence, and faith in the Great Spirit. The snake is a powerful spiritual totem to see in dreams, yet the white snake is even more unique.

Let’s discover more! So, what does a white snake mean in a dream?

Snake dream symbolism and spiritual meaning 

The snake in a dream represents healing and psychic and spiritual powers. In shamanism, the snake is a symbol of kundalini energy- the serpent-like energy that runs up your spine. 

Kundalini energy when awakened and active is responsible for potent intuition, animal and primal instincts, libido, sensuality, psychic powers and clairvoyance, creative and imaginative gifts, and longevity.

You should be aware that you can’t understand the snake’s meaning and significance without being knowledgeable about your kundalini and the qualities it brings. 

Kundalini is awakened when we’ve worked towards healing, harmonizing, and balancing our chakras. An integrated and active chakra system leads to a kundalini awakening.

You don’t need to be totally healed or perfect in mind, body, emotions, and spirit to have an active kundalini. Kundalini awakening is a journey that can span years and years.

The key thing to know is that the snake visiting you in your dreams is a positive omen that you are on the right path to enlightenment, spiritual illumination, and long-term happiness and blessings.

You might even be a spiritual master…

a white snake
A picture of a white snake by atlantios/pixabay

White snake symbolism: A symbol of purity

Apply the symbolism of white to the meaning of the snake and you will see how powerful this dream symbol is.

The white snake symbolism represents innocence, faith, and trust in the Great Spirit. Good fortune comes to those who have been visited by this auspicious animal in a dream. 

Unlike a black, yellow, or brown snake, the white snake signifies higher consciousness. You are likely in tune with your Crown chakra, or if not, you should be!

All aspects of the Crown chakra are brought to life, so this is your subconscious mind trying to tell you something and relay an important message.

You should turn your attention in waking life towards humanitarian, charitable, altruistic, or ecological and ‘Mother Earth’ related pursuits. These are all connected to the crown.

White symbolizes purity and faith, intuition, and being of service. Selflessness and service are two qualities you should be focusing on.

Either you are lacking in all of these qualities, in which case there will be some harm attempted towards the white snake, or you are thriving in these beautiful traits. It all depends on how the snake is presented. 

Because the white snake is such a high vibration and shamanic animal- the snake is respected in spiritual and shamanic traditions, you might just receive one quick flash. The dream scene could be very quick and therefore apparently insignificant.

It would be wrong to see a white snake dream as insignificant, however. Even if this special creature has been shown to you very briefly, keep this dream sign in mind. The snake is seen as a spirit animal guide and maybe your personal helper.

Spiritual illumination and self-mastery

Unlike a black snake, which would suggest you still have some shadow wounds and inner darkness to work through before reaching spiritual illumination, the white snake dream meaning signifies very positive things. 

Your real life is probably already aligned with a path of self-mastery, enlightenment, spiritual maturity, and illumination. You likely have spiritual powers that allow you to connect to the quantum world.

We live in an infinite and arguably eternal, expansive, and limitless cosmos. Our universe is only one of many. 

Shamanism considers the snake as a shape-shifter, a master of subtle energy and vibrations who can travel through the different realms and dimensions…

This requires considerable soul alignments and a deep, deep connection with your eternal nature, and also with hidden spiritual gifts and powers. 

Whereas a yellow snake might suggest drawing from qualities of the Sun for optimism, ambitions, and self-authority, the white snake suggests drawing from qualities of your Crown (chakra). 

In other words, seek a spiritual path and connection with your soul’s purpose through accessing your Higher Self. 

Divine white light flows through the top of our crowns, which is also called the Crown chakra, at the top of the head. This then travels downwards into the rest of our subtle energy bodies. 

As white symbolizes purity, spirituality, cosmic consciousness, and a higher angelic frequency; the message is that your route to ascension is through your innocence and faith, combined with your intuition. 

dreaming of a white snake

Steps towards healing and wholeness

Rebirth, good luck, and a better understanding of your own healing powers within are on the horizon with a white snake dream. 

In the Garden of Eden, the snake represents wisdom. Despite the Christian belief about snakes being evil due to their link to original sin, snakes are actually a symbol of healing gifts.

We all have a healing nature and we all possess healing hands and a healing presence. Energy, vibrations, and frequency are real- subtle and invisible life force energy flow through all living things.

This energy also heals. We can draw this healing power directly from the universe. Thus, to dream of a white snake is a positive sign that you have healing powers in need of awakening. 

You might be destined to become a Reiki healer, Shamanic practitioner, or subtle energy worker. 

You could simply be a healer through evolved compassion and empathy, using advanced sensitivity and genuine caring for others to heal and help them through your presence.

Some people heal others directly, with their hands and healing fits from the divine, God, and Source, while others emit healing vibrations through their thoughts, intentions, and heart. Love is the strongest vibration.

A white snake showing itself to you on the subconscious or astral planes implies you have a destiny intertwined with ancestral or shamanic forces. New beginnings in the form of a new career or healing path are in store. 

Accessing psychic gifts

The process of healing awakens psychic gifts; shamanic power linked to your ancestors. The white snake is associated with all aspects of psychic gifts.

You may be clairvoyant, the ability to sense things above the physical realm and senses; clairsentient, the ability to feel things deeply like an empath; clairaudient; the ability to hear things through the subtle and astral realms.

You could very well be a master of manifestation! People with the snake spirit animal know how to connect to universal energies, cosmic forces, and the invisible realms of Spirit to access divine guidance.

Seeing through illusions and 3D ignorance and deceptions are also common for people who have been visited by the white snake. 

If you dream of a small white snake the dream message is that you’re in the process of awakening psychic gifts. They may be very weak or faint right now, but there is a spark. 

Something has turned on your inner light and your subconscious has shown you that you should be developing these gifts. 

If the snake was big or large? You’re well into your journey of becoming your own spiritual master or a powerful mystic, psychic, or seer. 

Awakening sexual life force, libido, and sensuality

Dark emotions and negative feelings are replaced with new life and fresh perspectives when the white snake crosses your path in the dream space.

Due to its link with kundalini and the life force, negative energy including repressed emotions and unhealed wounds are transmuted by awakening your sexuality.

We’ve established the meaning and symbolism of the white snake, so there is a strong link to the capacity you have to express yourself sensually, sexually, and passionately here. 

Passion can be either romantic, sexual, or platonic, or the level of excitement and enthusiasm you show for your professional and educational (creative) endeavors. 

Again, the size of the white snake will show you how far along your journey you are. 

The dual meaning of this dream theme is how your sexual energies and desires, libido, and primal passions are infused in white light. You should combine and merge purity of thought and emotion with your sexuality.

This is the perfect dream symbol for embarking on a tantric path. Tantra is the unification of mind, body, soul, and spirit- functioning at a higher emotional and spiritual frequency in intimacy.

Intimacy and sexual union are seen as a type of soul union, a merging of two souls for blissful and heavenly connection. Primal urges and needs exist, however, your sexual energies are raised higher, to reach a higher and ascended consciousness. 

The white snake is a symbol of tantric sex and twin flame soul union. 

Longevity and perfect well-being 

The white snake dream symbolizes longevity and well-being, it’s a symbol of perfect happiness and long-lasting health.

Unlike a green snake about this dream message, which would signify achieving perfect health through a diet change, eating more superfoods, going plant-based; or spending more time in nature…

A white snake tells you to heal your emotions and connect to your soul for perfect health. Negative energy can be transmuted and low moods, depression, fears, and other ailments can be overcome. 

You can do this by seeking out pathways and activities aligned with your Higher Self. By going straight to the Source, the “white light” within, you stimulate well-being on multiple levels. 

A possible warning sign is when harm is coming towards the snake, or if it’s trapped, being hurt, or in clear distress. This suggests some blocks to your health and well-being. 

You might be undergoing psychological stress, have physical limitations and blocks placed on you, or have emotional resistance to change and transformation. 

Or you could be feeling spiritually uninspired, in need of some therapy, rejuvenation, or like-minded kindred spirits who remind you of all the positive blessings available in life.

These potential negative meanings are amplified if the snake has black spots. In fact, for all of the dream interpretation meanings, black spots imply some level of pollution. 

Biblical meaning

The biblical meaning of a white snake dream is that your innocence is what keeps you protected. There is a divine realm and mystical reality, and it’s through being aware of this divine and ethereal reality that you can harness spiritual power.

Guardian angels and Ascended Masters are connected to the white snake. In Christianity the snake was connected to sin, enticing Adam and Eve to become absorbed in the pleasures of the flesh.

Yet nowadays a more holistic and insightful interpretation is presented. If we see it from a spiritually wise perspective, we will understand that the apple is a symbol for Root chakra living; our basic human survival needs…

The act of eating and honoring our more primal and animal needs disconnects us from our spiritual higher selves. 

The snake in the Garden of Eden is the perfect symbol of the Kundalini, the journey of universal spiritual life force energy from Root to Crown and Crown to Root. 

To Conclude

White snakes symbolize the highest expression of spirituality and consciousness out of all the snake dream meanings. There are few negative signs or warnings with this dream symbolism unless the snake is having harm caused to it.

Meditate and reflect on the deeper meaning unique to you through silent contemplation and introspection. The answers are buried deep within- you should access your instincts and intuitive feelings for a complete dream interpretation.

*image by REPTILES4ALL/depositphotos

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