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Spiritual Meaning of A Dream of Being On A Train

As a passionate and qualified Dream therapist and expert in dream interpretation, I was quite excited to write about this topic! I have unique insight into dreams of being on a train because I’ve experienced quite a few.

The dream symbolism is not as simple or uninspiring as you may originally assume. 

True love VS karmic love

From my experience as a qualified Dream therapist, and someone who’s been working with their dreams from a young age, this is a topic I feel only an expert can do justice to.

Luckily, I have some unique insights into a dream of being on a train that is less known to this world…

A train is a symbol of true love, or twin flame love and soul union on the highest planes. I have had many dreams about buses and trains, and the recurring theme always seems to be that trains symbolize our higher love soulmate. You can call this a twin flame love or a true love bond.

Buses represent a soulmate bond, choosing a lover or partner who is more karmic than aligned to true love, or higher dimensional love.


We are all spiritual beings having a human experience. This signifies that we all have a soul, and with this universal truth comes the reality of multidimensionality.

Every single one of us has a higher vibrational human avatar, an ascended and evolved version of ourselves. This is rooted in a higher, timeless, and spiritual consciousness.

Now, when you dream of being on a train (as opposed to being on a bus) it is a subconscious and metaphysical insight into taking the higher route. 

You’re being asked to evolve, ascend, and level up, essentially. You’re being guided by your soul and Higher Self to overcome the more primal and lusty desires, as is associated with a karmic lover or karmic soulmate relationship, and align with true love.

True love is within, but once we find true love within we then reflect and mirror it to others around us.

It’s being conscious of this energy- the higher dimensional spiritual consciousness available to everyone, and thus the newer and better “avatar” we can become, that lets us choose the best partner in this life.

Remember: dreaming of a bus is choosing a soulmate who may not be your true love. Dreaming of a train or being on a train suggests you are destined to find true love in this life. Perhaps even a twin flame, power couple, or divine counterpart match. 

First, you must overcome some key challenges and lessons.

A pathway to abundance and financial freedom

Choosing the pathway that aligns us with our best and ultimate selves is not an easy ride. In fact, it can be difficult- there are many challenges, trials, and tribulations we must go through. 

We must become self-sovereign and financially self-reliant first, or at least develop some sense of personal autonomy. 

This means that to get a ‘golden ticket’ for the fast train, you must do the inner work. Call this shadow work, spiritual self-development, healing, or trauma therapy; you must “go within to go without.”

To get a ticket on the magical train you need to heal your mind, body, & spirit. Also, seek to clear childhood trauma and painful memories that may be preventing you from moving forward.

Overcoming blocks are integral to dreaming about being on a train.

Blocks can present themselves as blocks to money, abundance, financial flow, physical security, emotional vulnerability and openness, creativity and artistic gifts, inspiration, motivation to succeed, and drive…

Other blocks include ambition, instincts, feminine wisdom, masculine assertion, higher reasoning, psychic gifts, and spiritual illumination.

The number of qualities and empowering characteristics we have to draw from is virtually infinite. You are a limitless being.

So, contemplate and meditate on what blocks are holding you back from stepping into your best life. You are the master of your destiny. You hold the key- the wisdom and spiritual guidance are deep within you, you just need to be open to receiving it.

“Spending a little more” for the smoothest journey

Linked to the above is the symbolism of spending a little more for the fastest and smoothest journey. This implies that you know your self-worth

Choosing to be on a train instead of a slow and often cramped or chaotic bus portrays that you know your worth, have high self-esteem and are supremely confident in your talents & abilities. 

The train symbolism is linked to the Solar Plexus chakra, which is the energy center located in between your Sacral (emotions, creativity, sensuality, and sexuality) and Heart (empathy, unconditional love, self-love, kindness, generosity, etc.). 

Your solar plexus relates to ambition, life force, self-confidence, self-esteem, and your sense of passion, purpose, and service in the world. How aligned to your life path and soul’s purpose you are, including having a career with your own set of skills and talents, is symbolic of the solar plexus chakra.

Taking the fast train is linked to this chakra, therefore it is advised to work on healing and unblocking this significant energy wheel. 

Incorporate the color yellow into your lifestyle; use yellow objects and decor in your home or room… spend more time in the sunshine, absorbing the sun’s optimistic and positive rays… wear more yellow clothes! 

Also, meditate on how you show up for yourself and your service or career. Do you live with passion and ambition? Are you in tune with your soul’s plan and further taking conscious steps towards achieving your goals?!

When there’s a blockage in the solar plexus life, force energy cannot travel up towards your higher energy centers- or travel back downward to energize your lower ones once you’ve activated your kundalini energy.

To make the most of dreaming of being on a train, listen to your inner gut feelings and intuitive voice.

Listen to your Higher Self, and take note of how you can amplify any self-development practices you’re involved in. This dream symbol is all about personal growth and seeking to be the best version of you.

Taking the fast route

Self-awareness flows to you when you dream of a train or being on a train. Delays will only come to you if you actively go against your Higher Self and say no to your intuition. 

The message is that obstacles will be overcome, you are attracting new opportunities, and can expect lots of abundance and love in the near future.

As you’re not on a bus, i.e. the slow route that is usually filled with anxieties from multiple passengers, all in close proximity to each other; you are being given a wonderful blessing.

Whether it’s love, career, romance, friendship, family, home life, or your creative projects and gifts, someone very positive is in store. You should maintain perseverance and continue on the path you’re embarked on. 

If you’re someone who struggles with procrastination or you have a lack of responsibilities, these two things will soon change. Duties and responsibilities are a good thing- they keep you grounded and self-aligned. 

A lack of stability can be overcome by transcending laziness, and long-term plans will replace any wrong path you’ve taken. Expect a new surge of life in your ambitions, aspirations, and dreams.

The train journey itself will provide further insight into the new phase you’re about to enter. To dream of trains, i.e. more than one train, is to suggest there are multiple opportunities and choices arising. 

You should thus examine your own goals and any aspect of your life that requires patience and conscious attention to determine the best course of action. There are many different directions in life; logic, higher reasoning, intuition, instinctual awareness, and discernment are required now. 

Further, adopt different viewpoints, as there are multiple perspectives in life. 

An additional meaning of being on a train signifies that you need to become more open-minded and expand your psychological horizons.

You may have become stagnated or only used to a select few people, relationships, and cultures. Seek to embrace a perspective, philosophy, or belief system different from your own.

Further symbolism: Insight into our subconscious mind

Dreaming of excess baggage or clutter everywhere inside the train is a sign that you need to, quite literally, de-clutter your life!

Take a day or week to go through all your material possessions. Give excess away to charity, sell, or donate what you no longer need.

If you want to reach your goals and align with the best version of yourself, you will need to get rid of the baggage. This can be emotional baggage too. 

Also, psychological and mental excess, the clutter that keeps you from thriving mentally and intellectually.

Spiritually, clutter weighs you down and prevents you from attaining enlightenment, or self-realization. You can’t formulate fresh and helpful belief systems of spiritual insights when you have baggage keeping you blocked, heavy, or stagnant. 

A crowded train suggests your mind is cluttered with a lot of information and ideas. You may have multiple projects on the go, or simply need to lose distractions and center yourself.

Calm down, stop trying to take on so many things at once. A crowded train is a gentle warning sign that you may have let too many people into your aura, personal life, or space, and therefore need to distance yourself.

Develop greater boundaries, learn how to say no to others to respect your time, energy, and resources. You should be meditating and reflecting daily to determine who is worthy of a place in your world.

Not worthy in a superficial sense, but my honoring and respecting your inner light, heart, and organic sense of receiving rewards for the universe. Real life is reflected through dreams, so consider how the crowded atmosphere made you feel. 

To specifically see a train carriage, rail track, subway, or different places and scenes is to be given direct insight into the various dream components. As dream interpretation is quite broad and holistic, which means you need to consider every object, symbol, and image or sound shown, not much more can be said here.

Watching a train leave

If you are an observer watching a train leave, you may be filled with sadness, fear, or a sense of a missed opportunity. The purpose of discovering the meaning of dreams is to apply wisdom and insight to waking life.

This type of train dream is one of the more negative, however, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have bad luck on the way, nor that the train leaving is a bad sign. It merely serves as a gentle reminder to be more mindful of your choices and intentions. 

You might be presented with a dilemma, trouble with a family member, or frustration and pain. You could be living in regret or soon about to experience regret for something from your past.

This may include inaction as well, i.e. when you failed to nurture an intimate relationship, business opportunity, or special connection. Our everyday lives are full of opportunities for connection or disconnection and separation.

We all have a soul mission, a unique purpose, and a destiny. When a train leaves you behind, the overall message is that you’ve missed out on something, either failing to nurture a connection that was highly significant or neglecting something important. 

Evaluate your long-term plans and dreams upon waking so you know exactly what the dream meaning is trying to tell you. A fellow passenger can also give you insight such as by observing what they wear, how they speak, and the energy (vibe) they give off.

To Conclude

To dream of being on a train is to be guided towards your best self. We all have a perfect vibratory frequency, the ultimate blueprint of the self. We access this through healing, self-development, and working with our dreams with the primary goal of releasing baggage and blockages, and further harmonizing our mind, body, & spirit. 

Hopefully, this article has provided you with all the information you need to know to master the lessons of the dream space…

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