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Dreaming of Miscarriage Meaning: Loss, Letting Go, and Finding Strength

A miscarriage dream has many possible meanings and inherent symbolism. Loss is the main theme, and although the loss is usually negative, it can also be positive. The dream space is a reflection or manifestation of waking life.

Read on to find out more. 

What Does Dreaming of Having a Miscarriage Mean?

Losing a baby

The first dream meaning is quite self-explanatory. If you’re a woman and you dream of a miscarriage, you could be receiving insight from your subconscious mind into losing an actual baby.

This is very rare, so please don’t instantly assume a dream of miscarriage signifies an actual miscarriage. There are many other dream meanings as explored next. 

Take a miscarriage dream as a positive warning sign and message to take better care of your health. If you’re a pregnant woman or are planning to be pregnant, work on the well-being of your mind, body, and spirit.

Put into place preventative health care measures to honor your reproductive system. Eat correctly, and consume more superfoods and herbal supplements that are good for hormonal and reproductive health. 

Your hormones need care too, i.e. there’s more to health than the physical body. The experience of miscarriage even in a dream can be a really negative one that brings up tricky emotions, sadness, and grief.

So explore your trauma and the wounds of your womb. Every woman carries a mother wound, which is the ancestral and primal wound associated with being female. 

Consider receiving Cranio-sacral therapy, a very effective healing practice that is usually carried out by women. It releases and heals stored sexual trauma in your womb and sacral, and stimulates the healthy flow of life force energy (for new birth). 

Alternatively, visit a Reiki practitioner or Herbalist. Seeking alternative and holistic treatment, preventative health care, or healing therapies can give you what pills and pharmaceuticals can’t.

A miscarriage is a very delicate situation that requires sensitivity, empathy, and emotional and feminine wisdom. 

Losing a project

To dream of a miscarriage is a sign that you are losing a project. Something very close to your heart, something very near and dear, and slipping away from you. 

This could be a work, creative, or passion project, or something that’s part of your soul mission. If you have a greater purpose, a soul purpose that you know is part of your destiny here on earth, I’d consider taking some time for contemplation. 

You might need to admit defeat, or you might need to put in the steps to save your project or special passion. Such dreams can have dual meanings, and the key to the real message lies in the emotions, mood, and tone felt. 

A painless miscarriage, for example, signifies that your losing a project that can be let go of. You may have thought it meant a lot to you, or that it was highly significant, when, in actuality, it doesn’t serve a purpose. 

It may not serve your Higher Self, soul purpose, bigger-picture vision, and legacy. It may have been your ego wanting it to work so badly, and you thus have mistaken the ego’s needs with your soul’s. 

Meditate on the situation. We often get pulled into various flows and currents of others, including the obligations and expectations a relative or close friend may put on us.

Ask yourself whether what you’re holding onto is really serving you. It may be serving the ego. 

Losing fertility and creativity 

This type of dream symbolizes loss holistically, therefore another negative meaning and dream interpretation are that you are losing your sense of fertility.

Fertility is closely related to creativity- creative and artistic expression, genius insight, originality, and imagination…

To dream of miscarriage is a sign that you have lost touch with your creative life force. Everyone has an artistic essence, regardless of how established professionally you are. 

Even if you’re not a painter, poet, writer, artist, musician, performer, or entertainer, you still embody the universal life force, which is the primary essence of creation!

A miscarriage dream represents new life being taken away, and this has the secret meaning of losing your creative spark. Visionary, imaginative, intuitive, and psychic gifts are included here. 

Fertility loss can be creative, business, community, romantic, or educational projects, and connections. Pay attention to the message and clues you receive during wakefulness. 

Real life is shown to us through various symbolism and imagery in the dream space. Miscarrying a baby in a dream can also signify romantic problems. 

Romance is often tied to creativity and artistic & imaginative expression. Here’s a handy tip: look up your natal (birth chart) and find out if you have any planets in Leo.

Leo is the central sign of the zodiac ruling the heart. Symbolism included romance, children, creativity, play, the Arts, drama and theater, benevolence, kindness, and generosity.

If you have any planets falling in Leo, you can explore what that planetary placement means. Astrology influences us just as much as our dreams… They are both built off of astral, energetic, subconscious, and spiritual forces.

Thus, everything behind the scenes and below the surface comes to light through both astrology and dream interpretation. Miscarriage dreams suggest you have some underlying issues or energetic imbalances yet to explore. 

Anxiety and stress 

A family member, colleague, friend, partner, or lover might be causing you stress. You could be dealing with romantic or family disappointment, business and work setbacks, or gossip.

Dreaming of having a miscarriage represents the lower human emotions and experiences, such as negativity, jealousy, envy, disagreements, conflict, gossip, and anti-social behavior.

Also, themes of betrayal, infidelity, unfaithfulness, and confusion or distortion around your sexuality. The act of losing a fetus symbolizes giving birth to new life, to creation, and then destroying that new creation (either directly or indirectly… consciously or consciously). 

Because you’ve dreamed of an unborn child or similar, this symbolizes the loss of life and therefore innocence. You might have lost touch with your inner child, the hardships and frustrations of the world replacing true connection. 

Intimacy, connection, and authentic bonds diminish when envy or hatred takes over. If you’ve seen yourself bleeding, this further indicates that you’ve been “cut,” metaphorically speaking.

Someone has bruised you and hurt you on a deep level, either psychologically, emotionally, spiritually, or physically. You might be suffering from heartbreak or the physical loss of a loved one.

Or, you could be going through a job ending, professional setback, or long-term aspiration that hasn’t worked out. 

If you’ve dreamed of abortion, this suggests that you’ve chosen this path. The course of action you’re embarking on is a conscious decision, and you are in control of your fate.

It may not be what you originally wanted, i.e. external circumstances could have forced you to cut ties, count your losses, or make a decision that led to an ending, but, at least you are in control. 

The overall message is that you will have to experience some anxiety, sadness, and pain to begin with. Over time, however, you feel relieved and at peace. You will come to accept the actions and choices that got you to where you are. 

Fear of failure

Fear of failure is a further dream meaning. A pregnancy dream implies a creative process, you’ve been working towards success, giving birth to something, and proceeding along the journey.

Yet the loss of a baby equally signifies that you have some fears surrounding some aspect of your life, specifically the end result you’ve been trying to attain. 

Common dreams surrounding miscarriage are dreaming of having a child and then losing that child, or seeing lots of blood concerning an actual miscarriage. Regardless of your gender, the main theme is loss, which is symbolic of failure in itself.

To lose a child or baby is a sign that you are scared of something being taken away from you. This can be a professional goal, accomplishment, moment of prestige, or social status. 

You might have had so many obstacles to overcome that now you’re giving into worry and self-doubt. Your mindset has turned from focused and optimistic to pessimistic. You may have also suffered from injustices that have led to the shift in mindset. 

Consider how a delay may lead to new beginnings. A fresh start can come about from loss or detachment. Furthermore, consider if a New or Full Moon is coming up.

Lunar cycles are a powerful indicator that a major life event or significant change is about to occur. 

Positive Dream Meanings

Letting Go

Hardships can be overcome through stillbirth, miscarriage, or miscarrying dreams. Loss is not always symbolic of disappointment and negativity- it can be positive too. 

If there are no worries or stress present in your dream, the message might be that you are letting go of something, and it’s a good thing! Something is being released from your life. 

It’s making you feel lighter, relieving you of emotional burdens and stress. It’s allowing your mind to flow with new ideas and inspiration, losing psychological tension and inner turmoil. 

Something could be physically leaving your body, like a health issue or ailment. On the material plane, you could be being relieved of a burden such as a business, house investment, job, role, or social position that was causing you harm.

We live in a multidimensional world with more to life than the physical senses. In other words, not everything can be seen with the physical eyes.

You may think something was good for you or that you truly wanted it when it was only a burden. A miscarriage dream suggests something in the physical and material world has been weighing you down, keeping you stagnated, or causing you long-term anxiety or harm. 

There is a cleansing and clearing of your mind, body, and spirit, or at least one of these areas. When something harmful or not in alignment with your Higher Self leaves your body, it also leaves your emotional and psychological energy field. It then heals you spiritually.

Finding acceptance

Acceptance is a gift taught by dreaming of miscarriage. Creating new life and then having it taken away from you is traumatic beyond belief, yet it instills the gift of grace.

Acceptance, surrender, and trusting that there is a bigger plan in store are associated dream meanings.

Regardless of your religion or spiritual faith, this dream omen signifies your capacity to embrace your destiny and fate. Are you living with some sense of adaptability, trust in a higher power, and spiritual or holistic sight?

Are you aware that there is a larger plan in store for us all, and sometimes we must go with the flow?! 

This dream can help you to connect to your feminine side. Firstly, giving birth to a physical baby is symbolic of being a mother, therefore there is a strong female energy inherent in this dream meaning.

Secondly, surrendering and going with the flow, through acceptance, are linked to feminine qualities. Feminine energy is passive, receptive, magnetic, gentle, and yielding- it submits and accepts. 

These qualities are the opposite of forceful and aggressive masculine qualities, and men can’t give birth to babies. So, there’s clearly a much deeper meaning here that we have just uncovered. 

Always look for the “behind the scenes” and “invisible” messages or insights wanting to be shown in the dream space. Dream interpretation is an art, and with patience and experience, you will be able to read between the lines…

Spiritual Meaning of Miscarriage 

Personal and vivid dreams such as a miscarriage dream suggest that you require a helping hand. Something is being removed, released, or cleared from your life, and you thus need to determine the deeper message as the dreamer.

Accept your fate. Destiny applies to every human in the earthly realm. The choices you made up until now have determined your future, and so you are being asked to accept and then release.

Your lifestyle could be leading to bad luck and misfortune. So, you need to reevaluate, reexamine, and make better choices. 

If you’ve previously suffered from a breakdown, this dream is showing that it has led to an actual (tangible) ending in your life. You haven’t been able to overcome the heartache or disappointment, and now you’re dealing with the effects.

Acceptance, release, surrender, healing, and self-discipline are all spiritual meanings of the miscarriage dream. You must look within- go inside to go without. 

The answers are within you, but first, you must fully accept that you are not in total control. You must now surrender to the events that are occurring, which are a sum of previous actions and intentions, to make important changes.

Spiritually, this dream represents change, transformation, and significant life transitions. Self-control comes about from total honesty and being held accountable for your choices.

Finally, there’s a strong element of both fate and karma involved. Karmic energy exchanges could have led to this “loss” depicted in the dream. Explore the feelings and sensations involved to get to the root. 

Biblical Meaning

The biblical meaning is a call from your soul for a fresh start. From every ending, there is a new beginning.

Not all loss is negative. Darkness and death lead to light and rebirth. The religious meaning is one of renewal, chaos leading to creation, and destruction or darkness leading to new life.

This can manifest on any of the planes, emotional, psychological, physical, spiritual, or the soul plane…

Positively, blessings are on their way to you. How you respond to life’s challenges and hardships determines the level of blessings you receive. 

The Bible speaks of a child is one of the most blessed gifts to any man or woman, so it’s no wonder many people instantly think a miscarriage dream is a bad omen.

It may be a negative warning message or sign of difficult times to come, including loss (the main theme), but how you respond to such challenges determine your character.

In Christianity, it’s believed that God gives us testing and challenging times precisely, for this reason, to make us stronger, test our character, and ensure our faith. 

Are you living in authenticity and trust in the divine and the Great Spirit? This is the biblical meaning of dreaming of miscarriage. 

To conclude

Losing something important is never a welcoming sign, yet dream interpretation asks you to get deep and explore your roots. There are several behind-the-scenes influences we can’t see with our physical eyes…

Stay open to the subtle signs and messages of the universe. There is much light to be found even in darkness.

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