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Dreaming of Having Long Hair Meaning: Spiritual Strength, Maturity, and Soul Growth

Long hair is an auspicious sign of wisdom and spiritual strength. It’s a tradition in many cultures across the world, including shamanic and Native American traditions. 

To dream of having long hair shows you have or are working towards independence, inner strength, and spiritual illumination. It’s a positive dream omen of the evolution of your soul!

What Does It Mean to Dream about Having Long Hair?

Spiritual maturity

The first dream meaning is a sign of spiritual maturity. Locks and long hair are a symbol of spiritual enlightenment, self-knowledge, and illumination. Wisdom is stored in your hair. 

Metaphorically, long hair symbolizes roots. Just like the roots of a tree, we have our own energetic and etheric roots that connect us to the spiritual and astral planes.

To many spiritual and shamanic traditions, long hair is seen as an astral connector. They’re a bridge to the divine. Long hair extends out to reach the subtle, spiritual, and astral planes. 

Long hair is a sign of wisdom and maturity, growing through important life cycles, and completing certain chapters of your life. Dreaming about having long hair can teach you about your beliefs surrounding spirituality and enlightenment in general.


If you were happy or content in your dream, this is a sign you feel connected to the universe. You feel safe, and as if the universe is your home. Your roots are strong, energetically speaking! 

You’re in tune with your astral body and the ether that surrounds you. In healing systems like Shamanism, Reiki, and Past Life Regression, it is known that everyone has a unique energetic blueprint.

Our unique energy signature is connected through the ether and is also known as an etheric blueprint. This extends out above the physical body and plane, connecting to the astral body and plane, the spiritual body and planes, and the soul planes.

Your etheric body is a blueprint of your physical body, and it contains all information about your health. Any physical health ailment or imbalance begins on the soul and spiritual planes and trickles down into your etheric body.

This then causes perfect health or health ailments and diseases. So, as a long hair dream is a symbol of being connected to the etheric and spiritual planes, as long as there are no negative feelings present, the message is that you are in a good state of health.

Good health and fortune

Good fortune and positive well-being are part of the long hair dream meaning. Both physically and spiritually linked to the themes and symbolism mentioned above, dreaming of having long hair signifies you are in a state of very good health.

Long hair symbolizes growth, so you are growing and engaging in good diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices. If you don’t feel this applies to you, then you should start taking better care of yourself. 

A long hair dream is a message from your psyche and subconscious mind that you should work out, dance, exercise, walk, jog, stretch, and do tai chi, martial arts, yoga, or cardio more. 

You should eat more fruits, vegetables, organic foods, whole foods, herbs, and high life force grains, beans, legumes, etc. You should also meditate and take care of your emotional, spiritual, and psychological health.

You’re being guided to honor your mind, body, and spirit with a long hair dream. Either you’re currently doing these positive things or you should take steps to be more proactive in these areas. 


The dream about long hair is a very good sign of fertility. As opposed to baldness, which represents a lack of growth, creativity, and inspiration, a long-hair dream signifies these things in abundance.

Passion, life force, artistic gifts, inspiration, sensuality, self-expression, and heading in the right direction with a project or plan of action are all part of the long-hair dream symbolism. 

Beautiful hair is a sign of boldness, courage, and vitality. It suggests you possess a glimmer and shine about you, and are starting a new phase in your life. New experiences and opportunities are coming to you.

A state of flow is also being achieved, including harmony and supportive connections. A new relationship may be on the horizon, and you’re embarking on a long journey with a romantic or business partner. 

It’s a very positive omen, so long as you don’t dream of tangled hair. Tangled hair or clumps in your long hair can represent frustration, setbacks, disappointments, anxiety, worries, confusion, and a dispute or lack of dignity. 

Long hair generally suggests someone of noble and dignified character who simultaneously lives with integrity and modesty. Fertility, prosperity, and abundance flow from these traits. 

Inner and outer beauty

A long-hair dream applied to real life implies elegance and beauty, both inner and outer beauty, depending on the dream context and themes. 

Attractivity is measured by hair length in many cultures, communities, and societies. You likely possess a strong sense of pride, although this pride shouldn’t be mistaken for ego. 

There is a natural beauty and forced or fake beauty; healthy pride and ego and unhealthy pride and ego… pay attention to the clues in the dream. For example, were you wearing hair extensions?

If so, this suggests you are either self-conscious about some aspect of your physical appearance and are trying to hide your insecurities and vulnerabilities, or you are letting superficiality and other semi-toxic behaviors and attitudes rule your life.

Fake long hair may signify shallowness, manipulation, and deception, or believing beauty is only measured by outer appearance. Such dreams, like with hair extensions, are asking you to look within and evaluate your belief systems around beauty.

Ask yourself, ‘what is beauty to me?’ ‘How do I define physical beauty?’ Is it in the clothes you wear and makeup or accessories you display… Or is it in your soul, kindness, integrity, honesty, and grace? 

The inner world and outer world come into question when the focus of your dream is on the attractiveness, desirability, or sex-appeal your long hair suggests. 

Inner strength

A long hair dream is a symbol of strength. It’s certainly not a burden! You have a positive self-image, healthy self-esteem, and resilience. You possess stamina, determination, and a strong will.

Hair is connected to the top of the head, which represents the Crown chakra when approaching the dream interpretation energetically. The Crown chakra is a symbol of enlightenment, spiritual illumination, and cosmic connection.

Also, the Crown represents angel contact & communication, divine inspiration, and multidimensional awareness. You’re able to tune into multidimensional wisdom and awareness with an open and awakened Crown. 

Insights and higher revelations come to you. You learn grace, forgiveness, and acceptance and can see things as they really are; in the light of truth, without clouded judgment. 

The inner strength, stamina, and perseverance, to heal, succeed, and flourish, linked to long hair, nudges you onto a path of purity and nobility. 

You see with fresh eyes and perspectives, are more open to forgiving yourself and others, and live with integrity, commitment to a higher truth, and righteous values. All of these things require strength, which arises from long hair. 

Dreams, aspirations, and achievements are tied into this dream topic. Be mindful of the dream characters, context, and environment to discover what your subconscious mind is trying to tell you about where your inner strength derives from, and where you should be directing it.


Longevity is a further meaning, especially if you’ve dreamed of having purple, violet, or white hair. White symbolizes purity, innocence, faith, hope, and humility.

Purple and violet are linked to the Third Eye chakra, suggesting that you have good health and fortune, and are therefore destined to live a long and happy life, because you see with spiritual eyes.

Your higher mind is active- your Higher Self is awake and aware. The Higher Self comes alive when you’ve achieved a perfect balance between your inner femininity and masculinity, or your inner yin and yang energies and attributes.

Simultaneously, working towards harmonization and unification of your inner feminine and masculine qualities can lead to wholeness, i.e. healing, harmony, and longevity. This is true even if your hair wasn’t purple. 

Do pay attention to the style, color, and associations displayed, however. In addition to hair color, dreadlocks might suggest you have powerful spiritual roots, while an afro signifies a connection to ancient wisdom. 

Long straight hair implies you like to keep things in their place- you are methodological, organized, and orderly, with, quite possibly, perfectionist tendencies. Or you simply believe in your long-term goals and aspirations!

Curly hair suggests you are adaptable, open-minded, and like to go with the flow. You’re open to seeing multiple perspectives and are approachable and warm.

All these different hairstyles lead to longevity in their own unique ways. And, if you’re familiar with the chakra system, you can apply the precise color of your hair in the dream to the meanings and symbolism of each color-chakra combination. 

For example, red hair symbolizes passion and vitality, orange hair suggests emotional warmth and vulnerability, with strong creative talents; yellow hair represents self-authority, ambition, and willpower. Green hair implies you share a deep bond with the natural world, often finding solace and comfort in nature. 


New ideas, a prosperous new friendship or work partnership, or a new lover that sets your soul on fire could be on the near horizon. Self-expansion has many manifestations, therefore it’s up to you as the dreamer to pay attention to the signs and clues.

These provide context. Unless your hair is being cut or you’re in distress, dreaming about long hair signifies optimistic and pragmatic forward movement.

You might be starting a new journey or going on an adventure. Travel, cultural opportunities, or a new friendship circle could be in store. 

As long hair is a symbol of spiritual maturity and expansion in many areas, consider consulting your natal/birth chart to find out where your Jupiter lies.

Jupiter is the planet of philosophy, higher learning, luck, prosperity, wisdom, truth-seeking, and, you guessed it, expansion. Astrology and dream interpretation often go hand-in-hand, so jolt your memory as to your Jupiter placement when you dream of having long hair. 

Further, it might be the perfect time to look up your numerological life path. Long hair is an auspicious dream symbol with unique symbolism. Discovering your life path can add extra dimensions of wisdom, self-knowledge, and truth. 

Long Hair Dream Meaning: Negative Themes 

Seduction, superficiality, and using your beauty or physical appearance to manipulate others could be part of the dreaming of having long hair meaning. 

You could be letting pride and vanity get in the way of virtue, honesty, purity, and authentic connections. Your self-esteem and confidence might currently be tied into superficial or deceptive motivations, which dull your spirit over time.

False motives do not create a strong foundation. If you’ve dreamed of having beautiful and long hair followed by a haircut, this is a potential warning that you’ve created loose or faulty foundations.

You may have been motivated by ego, lust, money, fame, control, or power-hungry moves that have ultimately led to cracks being covered. But, over time, the cracks start to show; harm doesn’t come to those with pure hearts and good intentions. 

Aim to heal yourself and release negative thoughts. It’s never too late to change or give your life an upgrade. 

In addition, dreaming of someone cutting your hair signifies something is trying to take away your power. A person or group is interfering with your wealth, well-being, and fortune right now.

Something is trying to prevent or stagnate your life plan! One’s purpose and soul plan are tied to having long beautiful locks. Something causing harm to your hair in any way is a symbol of a direct attack on your property.

If you are the one cutting your hair, the dream is trying to tell you that you’re in a mindset of self-sabotage. You’re creating your blocks, limitations, and restrictions, either unconsciously or consciously. 

Dream of Having Long Hair Spiritual Meaning

Spiritual growth is the main and somewhat obvious meaning of dreaming of having long hair. In Native American tradition, long hair represents power, virility, and physical strength. It’s a sign of respecting Mother Earth and her “long grasses.”

Many Shamanic cultures see long hair as a symbol of respect, dignity, nobility, health, longevity, and spiritual power. Self-evolution and social status are entwined into this dream symbol’s meaning in many spiritual belief systems and varying schools of thought. 

It is a symbol of self-evolution because you’re allowing your roots (metaphorically speaking) to exist in a perpetual state of flow, growth, expansion, progress, and alignment. You’re not cutting anything, which can be equated with putting up blocks to growth. 

There are no blocks to growth and self-evolution when you let your hair grow. 

Long hair is spiritually seen as highly significant to social status, wealth, prestige, or the position you hold in the community. This is especially true in Shamanic and spiritual communities where elders and the master teachers or healers keep their hair long.

A big change is near and possibly long awaited. You might be going on a spiritual pilgrimage, starting a new course or educational path, or embarking on an exciting professional or creative venture.

New beginnings harmonized with a long, victorious, and healthy path is the main message. You can anticipate many fruitful rewards. Spiritually, the message is that your path is blessed!

Biblical meaning 

The biblical meaning of long hair is divine alignment and synchronicity. Similar to the spiritual meaning, many religions advocate not cutting hair, in both men and women. 

Hair is considered sacred. It’s the perfect representation of respect for tradition, your elders, and cultural identity. It also has strong ties with the soul. 

In Sikhism, long hair is seen as a sign of spiritual wisdom and maturity. Cutting your hair suggests immaturity, vanity, and false pride and ego; too much focus is on physical appearance, which takes away from self-development and personal growth. 

Hindus believe that long hair in women, specifically, portrays a feminine, intuitive, and fertile woman. Long hair symbolizes beauty, divinity, tranquility, grace, and a strong feminine, nurturing, and intuitive spirit. 

In Christianity, many leaders including Christ himself had long hair, although it is considered socially acceptable to not let hair overgrow. I would suggest this is because Christianity likes to maintain a certain physical or socially proper appearance.

Waking life is a reflection of the dream space and altered states of consciousness. Divinity, fertility, sacredness, respect for God, and soul growth & transformation are the main biblical meanings of long hair. 

Blessings come to those who keep the faith. Consider going vegetarian, eating less dairy or meat, and making other significant lifestyle choices that honor your soul. This dream symbol is not one to ignore, as it’s further linked to karma.

We have both good and bad karma. Dreaming of long hair generally suggests you are soon to be reaping rewards of service, acts of charity, grace, kindness, selflessness, purity, and generosity. 

To conclude

There is much symbolism inherent in a long-hair dream, so make sure you take sufficient time to reflect and analyze. Write your dream down and pay attention to all the smaller details, even if they appear insignificant.

You may find this dream can inspire and help you at some point in the future.

*image by sheftsoff/depositphotos

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