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Hummingbirds In Dreams Meaning: Joy, Resilience, & Lightness of Spirit!

The hummingbird dream implies connection and contact with the hummingbird spirit animal, so there’s much wisdom as well as guidance to be found. 

Let’s explore the dream symbolism now. 

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Hummingbirds?

Luck, Intelligence, & Lightness of Spirit

Hummingbirds are messengers of the importance of embracing the lightness of spirit. Flying hummingbirds in your dream are here to show you that beauty is all around you, and within! They are creatures of happiness, luck, and spiritual awareness.

Passion, transformation, and cheerfulness are all in store for you when you see the hummingbird in your dream, or they are themes that will soon be showing up in real time. 

This spirit animal dream is a reminder that inspiration is everywhere to be found if you have the eyes to see and the heart to feel. You must open yourself up to spirit- the Great Spirit and the spiritual realm, to receive the luck and prosperity that is your birthright. 

Intuition as well as psychic gifts & instincts expand the more you embrace the spiritual aspects of life. Healing, inner wisdom, higher perspectives, astral insights, and visions that align you with your divinity are on the horizon. 


Spiritual messages come to you through many channels when you connect to your emotions, embrace your Higher Self, and seek to increase inner intelligence, logic, and cognitive abilities. 

Hummingbird symbolism further includes the power of intellect balanced with intuition, logic merged with clairvoyance, and rational thinking unified with potent instincts. Hummingbirds are a sign of good luck!

The lightness of spirit doesn’t imply denying or rejecting core emotions. In fact, hummingbirds are very significant in Shamanism and Native American culture, societies that recognize and embrace the lighter and darker aspects of life & self. 

Thus, emotions are generally considered dark because they’re linked to feminine energy and the shadow. Intense emotions and raw feelings are things many of us try to ignore or deny, for example. So emotions are included in the individual and collective shadow. 

The hummingbird dream meaning, henceforth, doesn’t teach you to reject your feelings and emotions, but to move away from emotional heaviness to lightness. You can do this through the following themes explored, as well as working through trickier emotions. 

Embrace your feelings, connect to the inner world of spiritual vibrations and subtle energy, and step out of darkness and into the light. These are the messages of being visited by hummingbirds in dreams. 

Joy and Playfulness

As spiritual messengers of joy and spirit, there’s a strong aspect of playfulness coupled with seeking happiness and pleasure associated with the hummingbird dream. You’re being asked to follow your passions and find pleasure and joy in your life, if you’re not already.

This might be a very playful and creative cycle for you. Harmony expands the more you seek a life of pleasure and play combined with security. This dream message is not about being ungrounded and irresponsible, but about following your highest joy.

The more joy increases in your life, the more you find inner stability. This enables security and strong foundations for future growth to amplify and increase in your outer world. 

Creative, artistic, and imaginative gifts and visions are connected to the hummingbird animal totem, and to the subconscious guidance you receive in dreams. They may be tiny birds, but they carry big spirits. 

They are powerful messengers helping you turn dead ideas into beautiful creations, through a playful and joyous spirit. When you’ve seen a hummingbird in your dreams, you are asked to embrace positivity and optimism.

Leave behind worry, self-doubt, depression, melancholy, fears, and insecurities. We all have insecurities, but to project these into your world and onto others is pointless. Your lesson is to see the light and love inside everyone while being a beacon of positivity. 

Without a joyous and playful spirit, you cannot follow your passions or live your ultimate life. Seeing hummingbirds in your dreams suggests your best self is associated with some artistic or community projects. Social bonds are important.

So, you should find ways to connect to like-minded kindred spirits as well as artistic abilities and projects. If you’re already living a creative path or ready to take the next step to new professional levels in a career that involves community, this is a very positive omen.

It’s a good sign of being ready and having a lot of support on your side! The hummingbird message is: you will receive a lot of abundance and joy from the work and service you do. Luck is on your side- now is the time to embrace the best version of yourself. 

This is, in fact, an excellent dream totem for people on a creative life path who have self-mastered or perfected their creative trade, service, or vocation. 

Love, Beauty, and Abundance

Resources are available to you the more you tune into the energy of the earth, of Gaia, and the beautiful planet that sustains us. There’s a unique type of magic and beauty associated with the hummingbird spirit…

A strong manifesting journey of abundance and prosperity is on the way. 

New ideas are flowing to you, and if they’re not you should make sufficient time to connect to the infinite realm of new possibilities and ideas. Limitless potential is available to you with this dream symbol. 

As for love, seeing hummingbirds or a hummingbird in your dream signifies an amazing love life. Romantic and platonic love are both on the cards, so friendships and soulmate bonds amplify with a healthy dose of love, inspiration, and magic.

You can find deeper, moreover more meaningful connections if you embrace the hummingbird symbolism. Further, authenticity and vulnerability with your emotions, need for romance and play, and passions as well as desires for intimacy are called for. 

A further dream meaning is to get in touch with inner beauty. Spend more time working on your inner soul glow, as opposed to external beauty. This is how you truly shine.

Adopt a more shamanic and spiritual approach to beauty, such as by choosing more natural clothes choices over fashion statements or reducing (or eliminating!) makeup, non-organic hair and beauty products, etc. 

The hummingbird is a shamanic spirit animal and messenger to many, helping to remind us of the power and importance of pure and spiritual energy over anything superficial. 

The three themes of love, beauty, and abundance are strongly playing out in your life now, therefore they need energizing. The things we give our attention and energy to expand, so pay attention to the subtle impressions and instinctive insights you experience in your dream.

Inner Strength and Resilience 

Inner strength, physical stamina, and resilience are key themes of this spirit animal dream. This dream message teaches you the power of boundaries and strength combined with playfulness. 

You likely have a fighting spirit! Or should work towards integrating your inner warrior with grace, humility, and empathy. This is a gentle spirit animal, yet there’s still a strong level of ferocity linked to self-protection and needing physical security and foundations.

Determination, mental courage, tenacity, perseverance, and a harmonious disposition are all part of this dream message. You learn through your challenges and differences. 

If you’ve been dealing with conflict or disagreements, this is also a very good dream omen. You can find real harmony, solidarity, and compromise with the help of the hummingbird. Also, there’s a strong sense of diplomacy and cooperation, as well as dignity.

The hummingbird is a very dignified animal, therefore powerful elevations in integrity, modesty, fairness, justice, and mindfulness- mindful awareness and consciousness, are available. 

Whatever your chosen path or profession, the hummingbird appearing in your dreams is a sign to stay the course. Stay strong, remain devoted, and be wholeheartedly committed. You can reach new levels of self-mastery and personal accomplishment through strength alone. 

Adaptability and Independence

A new beginning, fresh start, or brand new life chapter and cycle is about to be embarked on! Hummingbirds involve traveling on the wings of change, energetically, spiritually, emotionally, or literally- physically.

Travel, movement, and transformation through physical journeying as well as soul-journeying are linked to the hummingbird symbolism. Adaptability and flexibility are key strengths available. 

The hummingbird is incredibly fast-moving, they’re wings flap from 10- 80 times per second, which is incredibly fast considering their size. This brings the lesson of agility, fast movement, and quick-wittedness. 

The hummingbird totem is a power animal suggesting you need to reclaim your independence. This doesn’t signify withdrawing into isolation or loneliness, quite the opposite. You’re still supposed to be sociable, friendly, and outgoing.

But codependency and other toxic traits involving unhealthy attachments should be sought to be overcome. As this spirit animal is linked to new beginnings, you might be in an outgrown relationship, or living arrangement, so the dream warning is to heal this.

Independence and self-sovereignty should be balanced with the need for healthy and loving connections. To find deep and meaningful connections and the relationships that best serve your spirit, you must first become independent.

It’s from this space of self-autonomy and self-empowerment that your Tribe is found. You can’t possibly expect to attract the right people if you’re still vibing off of toxic traps; the hummingbird helps you to raise your vibration to align with the right people. 

Finally, the swift movement aspect signifies you should act quickly on your goals and passions when you see the hummingbird. This isn’t the same as being unmindful or reckless- it’s suggesting you must stay conscious & mindful while acting on opportunities.

Don’t be complacent or let your dreams and aspirations float by. Seize the day, living in the moment with presence, and remember that you are worthy of abundance, love, and wealth; pleasure, romance, and the dream career and partner too. 

A hummingbird attack or injured hummingbird

If you saw a hummingbird attacking you or hummingbirds injured, or if there was a feeling of dread and danger instead of bliss and joy, there may be some negative connotations to watch out for.

Any of these dream scenarios would suggest you’ve completely lost touch with your inner child and sense of innocence. You have diminished verging on no joy or happiness left in your life, and you are depressed or similar.

Your life force is low. Your spirit may be weak. Or, you have simply become out of tune with your authentic self. Thus, you need to re-find yourself. 

Committing to a healing and/or spiritual path is the subconscious guidance with these dreams. Watch out for your own behavior as well as the words, actions, and behaviors of others. Seek to be more conscious of how you express yourself in waking life.

Additionally, take note of how you seek fun and pleasure, as well as how much you engage in creative and artistic expression. All of the main themes and meanings are diminished when there is a negative or warning aspect to your hummingbird dream. 

Spiritual Meaning of Hummingbirds in Dreams

Seeing hummingbirds in your dreams could very well be a sign that your ancestors are trying to send you a message. Due to the link to Shamanic and Native American communities, there’s a very potent spiritual life force and soul essence associated with this dream symbol. 

Healers, spiritual teachers, and medicine men and women usually have this power animal. Even if you don’t identify with these paths or energies, you can still receive the spiritual symbolism of the beautiful hummingbird. 

You might want to pay attention to the colors of the hummingbirds as they appeared if any were brought to your attention. White hummingbirds represent purity, innocence, and strong intuition… White is connected to the Crown chakra where faith and trust flow powerfully. 

The red hummingbird means you need to be more passionate, expressive, and playful, as red relates to the Root chakra. A blue hummingbird signifies you should be working on your communication, as pathways to higher truth and expression might be blocked. 

A green hummingbird signifies a powerful heart chakra, in addition to the outward flow of empathy, nurturance, and compassion. Did you see a black hummingbird? This suggests you need to integrate your shadow self within the positive traits being brought up. 

For instance, accepting you might sometimes be down or mellow while seeking a path of higher joy and lightness; or coming to terms with a need for codependency whilst knowing independence is the way. 

Simultaneously, if the presence of hummingbirds in your dream brought pure joy, i.e. if there were no sensations of lessons needing to be learned, then you are already embodying these traits.

For example, seeing a white hummingbird would signify you have a powerful Crown chakra and are further living your life in a state of flow, surrendering to the divine, trusting in the Great Spirit, and with your intuition intact. 

Biblical Meaning of the Hummingbird Dream

The biblical meaning of the hummingbird spirit is one of faith and hope. Renewed optimism, finding comfort and security in the spiritual worlds and realms, trusting in both God and the divine, and being able to surrender and go with the flow are part of this meaning.

Although the Bible doesn’t mention hummingbirds specifically, there is a general respect for all of God’s creatures. It’s up to you to discern what the religious meaning and significance are if you’re religious when you dream of hummingbirds.

The religious meaning is very similar to the spiritual meaning, if not interchangeable. As small creatures, their size can give some indication as to a further meaning; size doesn’t matter, it’s all about your spirit.

Hummingbirds are tiny, yet have very strong muscles. They move fast and are physically fit, therefore this provides some insight into the power of faith, trust, and spirit. We’re living in a spiritual universe where subtle and invisible energy flows through all living things. 

Further, hummingbirds symbolize the ‘sweet nectar of life,’ therefore a final meaning lies in longevity. Paying attention to the hummingbird’s strength can lead to a long and happy life.

To Conclude

In summary, hummingbirds represent sweetness, innocence, joy, creativity, passion, playfulness, resilience, and independence. There’s a strong community bond and social aspect with this spirit animal and dream symbol, so make sure you integrate the wisdom. It’s always a blessing to be visited by a hummingbird!

*image by DHDeposit18/depositphotos

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