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Flies in Dream Meaning and Hidden Messages You Should Know

A fly dream may seem insignificant at first, but there is some symbolism and imagery you should be aware of. Flies show up in the dream space as part of a subconscious message just as any other animal, object, or message does.

Let’s find out more about the spiritual meaning of flies in a dream.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Flies?


Dreams about flies represent frustrations and annoyances in your life. This could range from health or money problems to bigger irritation manifesting on multiple planes. 

The buzz of flies on or around your body and the reality of them never leaving you alone signifies something is bothering you. There’s something in your energy field. 

You might be dealing with frustrating people who only make you feel negative emotions. An annoyance at work or with a boss or colleague could be giving you stress.

Irritation and frustrations are the primary symbolism you need to be aware of.

Social anxiety

A dream of flies surrounding you and interfering with a current task suggests you have social anxiety. If there are swarms of flies inside your house, you may have anxiety at home (so not social anxiety).

Lots of flies plural suggests worries and fears around new people. You might have dealt with uncomfortable social situations in the past, or simply strongly dislike gossip. 

The flies dream meaning could mean you are very observant of the behaviors of others and have had an encounter or many experiences that have left a scar.

Social situations affect us psychologically, emotionally, physically, and spiritually; remember we are multidimensional beings with a holistic spirit.

Small flies and bugs in dreams are linked to the flies symbolism, so this type of dream meaning may manifest in several ways. 

Neglecting your meditation 

This dream is a warning omen of neglecting your meditation and self-care practices. Every one of us adopts some spiritual, healing, or self-care practice at some point in our lives. 

So, the presence of flies brings the message of not keeping up with your well-being or spiritual practice. Self-care is important. It amplifies self-love and our ability to center and protect ourselves.

Black flies symbolize filth and dirt, therefore this is a push toward cleansing and purifying yourself, your home, and your personal space- wherever you may work, relax, or study. 

Clear your aura. Cleanse with palo santo, sage, frankincense resin, and herbal incense. Determination, perseverance, and willpower are needed.

A health problem might need to be addressed. Also, tune into your Higher Self to see if there is harm being sent to you through a psychic attack or some other subtle-energetic negative influence. 

Encountering toxic people 

To dream of a swarm of flies is a sign that you’re encountering toxic people in your life. You might be surrounded by negative energies, people who want to put out your light.

Judgmental, cynical, pessimistic, and critical people are linked to the dream about flies.

Flies are believed to symbolize evil. They are often depicted in horror movies in correlation with the dead, so take note of this. A few different perspectives can be found in this, however, the main one is in destruction, chaos, and toxicity.

Toxic energy can be anything from not exploring and healing your wounds- your shadow personality traits, to being emotionally manipulative, psychologically violent, or lazy! There’s a vast spectrum of what toxicity means and represents. 

Insecurity, a need for revenge, holding grudges, being small-minded or rigid, projecting your insecurities onto others, anger problems, hyper-emotionalism, a lack of empathy… reflect and meditate to see what your own toxic traits are. 


Because flies represent dirtiness and a connection to trash, this suggests you could be encountering the same energetically. For example, there is trash or dirt (metaphorically speaking) in your energy field. 

Society lays traps for us to limit our consciousness. We are often unconscious of all the distractions, limiting structures, and oppressive environments, yet they’re here. 

Giving into drama or a distraction can lead to financial troubles. It can also create problems in romance and intimate and professional relationships. And, it can lead to creative blocks.

All of this limits the flow of abundance and prosperity in your life, closing you off from good fortune. 

As a sign for annoying creatures, practice mindfulness to center and ground yourself so you don’t get annoyed at the most trivial of things. Flies are small, but carry great power when in swarms…

This is a message of the smaller nuisances adding up. The small details one day become the big picture. 


Habits may need to be changed to create better routines in your life. The flies dream symbolism teaches you that you need to be more adaptable, flexible-minded, and open to different world views.

You are currently inflexible and therefore attracting negativity or evil spirits. The key to your growth, survival, and success is to expand your mental and spiritual horizons, and perhaps even your physical ones. 

You attract more resources, prosperous connections, and opportunities when you shift from rigid thinking to expansiveness. Go with the flow while checking in on your priorities. What may have once been a bad omen with the flies dream meaning now becomes something more positive. 

Positive Messages When Dreaming of Flies


The positive dream message of flies is freedom. Flies in a dream bring the sensations of seeking liberation in everyday life. A structure may be oppressive to you and routines may become dull & boring.

Flies represent restlessness, a burning inner desire to escape your routine and explore the world. Your soul craves expression and your spirit wants to explore new cultures, countries, or communities. This is a possible dream meaning that may be unique to you.

Artistic and imaginative gifts, freedom, and self-expression symbolic of the flies dream. Actual travel may also be on the horizon, usually to a place that offers new educational, spiritual, or cultural opportunities. 


Although small, the fly is still an animal. This brings in the theme of staying connected to Mother Earth, which is your source of power. Fertility is available to you.

The dream symbolism is to pay attention to the small details when beginning a creative project, or embarking on a creative path. 

Unlike other spirit animal dreams or dreams that involve imagery and symbolism that bring a creative message, the flies dream meaning symbolizes the importance of the little things within the bigger picture.

You can manifest your vision, but with a focus on the details and elements that contribute to the whole. Fertility represents creative visions in this dream context. 

Dreaming about Flies Biblical Meaning

Flies in a dream show you that even the toxic and frustrating aspects of life are significant. The big picture always involves smaller things we dismiss, overlook, and see as significant.

Flies may be tiny and annoying, invading our personal space, but their presence reminds us of the importance of protecting our space. Also, of healing and growing.

Transformation and soul evolution are key to dreams about flies. If you want to tune into the divine realms of heaven, God, or spirit, you will need to pay attention to the things that trigger you. 

Triggers lead to our growth, ultimately, and help us develop discernment, logic, intuition, and inner strength to shield ourselves. It’s all about self-protection without avoidance or denial.

I.e. you ask yourself why this fly is invading your space. Why is it triggering you? Tune into your energy field to see what might be interfering with your life, vibration, or bigger-picture purpose or service to humanity.

If a fly comes into our energy field and won’t go away, it’s usually a sign of some psychological, emotional, or spiritual “attack” (no matter how small). 

The spiritual meaning is about mental strength, using your mental powers of strength and resilience to protect yourself from anything that will harm you. Clear your energy field with your mind.

Also, connect to your heart space and imagine green light emanating from within your heart chakra. Visualize this beautiful green loving and glowing light rippling out to the ether around you, and raising your overall vibration to one of light and love. 

This will help you to scan your auric field to see who or what has been polluting you with their dirtiness. 

To conclude

When flies appear to you in your dream, take note of your surroundings. Be mindful of the dream characters, surroundings, environments, impressions, mood, and sensations present. This will provide further clues allowing you to interpret your dream.

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