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What Are Angel Numbers and Their Meanings

Do you keep seeing repeating numbers in random places such as license plates, addresses, receipts, price tags, table numbers, digital clocks etc…?

Have you ever wondered if it is more than a coincidence looking at your clock and noticing it is 11:11, and then the same day you buy something from the market and your receipt is $11.11? 

If your body and senses are telling you that seeing 1111 everywhere around you is not random, you are probably not wrong, as numbers in sequences repeatedly showing up are believed to be Angel Numbers. 

The Divine Prayer

Numerology explains it as a spiritual bond with the Divine realm from which your guardian spirit is trying to communicate with you and send you an important message. They use numbers as they are the most used and worldly understood symbols. It is a link between spirituality and the world we live in. 

So, what do angel numbers mean? Let’s look at the common repeating sequences and their meanings and symbolism.

10 Most Common Angel Numbers and Their meanings

Angel numbers create a personal bond with you, and although others might also see the exact same number, for you carries a unique and special meaning. For example, one might see 3333 as a sign of being aligned with themselves; others can experience it as validation of their actions or message to follow their intuition.

Therefore when you see an Angel number, it is best to let go of logic and just listen to your heart. What feeling you have at the moment and the impressions that come to mind will help you determine the meaning of that number for you. Tapping into the gifts these divine digits carry for us is a blessing from heaven. 

Angel numbers send messages that can apply to different areas of your life, such as love, Twin Flame, Career, family, etc., and only you can decode the direction of action you need to take. Remember, you are the one cultivating a special connection with your guardian angel and the number they send you.

All Angelic numbers are important, but some appear more frequently than others, especially sequences of numbers. Here are some of the most common angel numbers and their meanings and symbolism. 

Note: Before we start just note that the more the same digit appears in the number the more powerful its energy is. For example, 111 and 1111 have the same meaning, only 1111 is sending you more urgent and amplified energy of meaning. 

Angel Number 111 or 1111

The angel number 1 is believed to be a green light if you are planning to make changes or start something new in your life. Numerology links 1 to fresh starts and new chapters and supports your dreams and plans. Digit 1, being a repeating number, only means the power of 1111 is even greater!

In a spiritual way seeing this number is a sign that your wishes and hopes are being manifested. You are welcoming prosperity and abundance into your life thanks to the guidance you are receiving from the spiritual realm. Angelic 1111 is here to help you achieve your goals.

Angel number 222 or 2222 

Numerology links 2222 to harmony and trust. Seeing this number means you are in a place in your life where reaching stability, tranquility, and a sense of balance are your highest priorities.

Spiritually Divine 2222 can signify you are looking for inner peace and a moment for yourself. Soon you will have the support you need to overcome any difficulties in your life, as number 2 symbolizes duality. 

Angel number 333 or 3333

Creativity and originality are represented by the number 3333. Seeing this life path number means you need to free your imagination and allow it to take you on a creative pursuit. Your angel is helping you realize how gifted and talented you are via number 3.

Angel number 3333 also signifies emotional cleansing and spiritual transformation. Your prayers are heard, and your guardian angel knows what you want. It is time for the world to see your talents!

Angel number 444 or 4444

Numerology links 4444 to truthfulness and inner wisdom. Seeing this number is a message from your angel to rely on your knowledge, lessons, and strengths in order to overcome your difficulties. 

Spiritually you are in the process of grounding yourself and reaching stabilization in your life. When in contact with number 4, you shouldn’t withhold asking for help or assistance. This Divine message reminds you that you are not alone and you always have the support of the people you love and choose to call family. 

Angel number 555 or 5555

This angel number 5 is good fortune and positive shifts in your life. Your angel wants you to know that you don’t need to worry, as all pieces of the puzzle will come together. The Divine realm is sending you this as a sign to comfort and assure you that everything will be alright. 

In a spiritual sense, your connection with others serves as a channel of inspiration for you. Therefore being open to meeting new people can also help you richer your life and open new horizons. You will reach abundance if you are ready to change your perspective. 

Angel number 666 or 6666

People tend to refer to and see 666 as the Devil’s number, and it is rarely ever seen as a positive sign. However, seeing the number 6 in sequences is a sign for you to make a reality check. Your angel wants you to look at your life and see what you can do differently this time so that it will help you achieve and accomplish greater success.

Angel number 6666 has four sixes in it, which only increases the energy, vibration, and power of the special number. Seeing 6666 means your ancestors are sending you extra care and protection to help you secure your future. 

Angel number 777 or 7777

Repeating sevens is a sign of courage and bravery. The Angelic realm assures you with this message telling you you are ready. You have all it takes to achieve your objectives, and it is up to you now to take the first step and make positive changes with number 7.

Angel number sequences like 7777 are also a sign to work more on your spiritual connection with yourself. Make more time in your life for meditation or yoga, and practice manifestation. Never forget that the Universe has a mysterious but powerful way of granting our subconscious desires, so you must focus and think positively.

Angel number 888 or 8888

In Numerology, 8888 symbolizes the endless loop of energy in the Universe. Seeing it means you are following your angel’s directions and walking the right path. You and your life actions are in synchronicity with your higher purpose and meaning.

Number 8 is also a sign of infinity which can be interpreted as a signal for you to never give up on your dreams and goals. The spirit guide is providing you with eternal and unconditional support. It is a gentle reminder that even if you fail, you can always try again. 

Angel number 999 or 9999

Seeing 9999 is a sign that your hard work and efforts are coming to completion. You are at the finish line, and your angel wants you to know that you will be rewarded for your excellent work. All your sacrifices and struggles weren’t for nothing, and now you will come across new opportunities to improve your life.

In a spiritual way, 9999 reminds you how important it is to let go of the old so you can make room for the new. Holding on to your past and having negative thoughts will only stop you from living your present life and creating the future you have always dreamed of from the power of number 9.

Angel number 000 or 0000

Repeating zeros, according to Numerology, symbolize the Divine guidance received from the spiritual realm. If you keep seeing this number, it means you are supported and protected from whatever higher force you believe in.

Number 0 is also a sign of new beginnings and starting over. If you have been going through a rough patch in life, your guardian angel is telling you that it is alright to start from the beginning and try again. Sometimes starting from 0 allows you to rebuild what has been torn down and, this time, build it stronger and better than before.

3 Easy Ways to Calculate Your Angel Number 

Do you feel a certain connection with a number that keeps popping out over and over again?

Looking at it, you know it is more than just a regular number because your whole body can sense the Divine energy coming from it. You are not being dramatic, and your intuition is probably right, as this number is special. It is your Angel number!

There are many ways to find out what your angel number is, and today, we will talk about the three most common ones, which are easy and simple to use.

Method 1 – Pay attention to the numbers around you.

Many people are wondering why they are not seeing angel numbers like the rest. They think that their angel is not sending them, which is not true. Your guardian always communicates with you, but you must be willing to connect with the spiritual realm in order to receive the messages.

However, if you are not open to the idea of receiving this spiritual guidance and believe in it, it is less likely to be able to notice the message or the angel number sent for you. Therefore you must start by opening your mind and having faith. 

Meditation and deep breathing can also help you align with yourself, allowing your angel number to come to you quickly as your mind is clear and unclogged.

Now focus and try to remember what is the number you constantly meet and see everywhere around you. It can be a license plate you see every day on your way to work or a phone number you call often. Sometimes you notice waking up every night at 03:33, and later your TV is turned on channel number 333. 

In such cases, it means your angel number is 333 or whatever number you are seeing. The next step is to write down that number and the feelings that come with it. This way, you will be able to understand what the message is. 

Method 2: Use your name to discover your Angel number. 

One fun and quite popular way to discover your angel number is by looking at your name. All you need is a piece of paper and a pen, and we can start. 

Write down your first name, middle and last by adding numbers according to the letters. A-1, B-2, C-3, and so on.

For example, Norma Jeane Mortenson (that is Marilyn Monroe’s name) would look like this:


So Marilin Monroe’s angel number would be 4 or 4444, which means spiritual guidance to help you find grounding and peace. 

Method 3: Look for your Angel number in your date of birth.

Next, we have your birthdate as a method to find out who your angel number is. It is a simple and easy technique, and it gives you the angel number you received at the moment you were born, unaffected by anything else. 

For example, if you were born on June 20, 1989, you will add 6+2+0+1+9+8+9=35 and then 3+5=8 so you can receive a single digit.

8 or 8888 is your angel number which can help you find clues and direction on how to live your best life and manifest prosperity. 

Why Do You Keep Seeing Your Angel Number?

When your angel sends you an angel number, they want you to know you are being protected and watched over. It is a unique and special way for them to reach out to you and give you love, support, and help.

Since angel numbers are messages from the Divine realm, you will keep seeing your number until the message is understood and accepted by you. If you keep ignoring it, the number will only keep appearing, as your guardian angel is never going to give up and let go of the mission to help you. 

So in times of darkness, when life gets hard, you will see your angel number as a reminder of your strength and power. You are never alone, and that is the main purpose of why you keep seeing it. 

Angel numbers also appear in times when good things are happening and your life is thriving. Your spiritual protector wants you to know you are on the right track in life and sends you a blessing to congratulate you on doing a great job. 

Your spiritual connection is what helps you the most to get in touch with your angel and feel the energy of your angelic number. It is only fair to mention that people who practice manifestation and nurture the bond with the Universe through faith, belief, and prayers are the ones who more often get the chance to enjoy the experience of angel number presence in their life. 

Besides receiving your personal angel number found through the methods we mentioned earlier, you will also receive many other angel numbers. They are most likely to appear in significant moments of your life so that you will be warned or guarded against negative energy. 

Similar to your angel number, these numbers will also appear out of the blue and keep showing up until you understand what your angel message is. The difference between this angel number and the one found in your name or date of birth is that this time, angels are giving you a specific direction on how to act. 

Again, the emotions and feelings you experience by looking at this number are the main keys to discovering whether the guidance you are receiving refers to your love life, career, or family life. Angel numbers have different meanings and messages in different areas of your life. 

Seeing your angel number is never a bad or negative thing. Therefore you should never be afraid! Angel numbers are blessings from a power beyond everything you see and experience on Earth. 

The whole angel number interaction is a powerful, life-changing, and extremely intense experience. It opens a portal to the Higher power and reminds you that you are not alone in this infinite Universe. On the contrary, you are just a small piece of the whole puzzle representing LIFE.

But you are loved and protected UNCONDITIONALLY.

What to Do When Seeing Your Angel Number

The moment you see your angel number, the first thing you need to do is to accept the message, have faith, and allow yourself to feel grateful and happy for receiving such a great blessing. 

The next step is discovering the meaning of the number. We have already discussed the most common angel numbers, and your personal number is most likely to be found in our list, so save the article. 

Once you find out the significance of the angelic number, it is time to look deep and acknowledge your emotions. The way you feel at the time when you receive an angel number is crucial to help you determine why your angel is contacting you. 

The whole point of receiving an angel number is to act accordingly to the Divine guidance that this number carries within. Here on our website, we can help you find what different angel numbers mean and which actions need to be taken after seeing the number. 

Most times, you need to make some adjustments and changes that will help you create for yourself the life you have always dreamed of. Other times you need to keep doing what you have been doing as your angel number can appear as assurance that you are making the right choices. 

Whatever action you need to take, you must always listen to your heart and follow your instincts. Angel numbers are not about logic but the spiritual and Divine world, in which what counts is emotions and feelings. 

You connect with your subconscious and inner self when you see an angel number. Therefore you need to think, speak and act from within your soul. The reasoning part of your brain can’t help you figure out what to do, and that is why it is best to just let go of making sense, pragmatism, and being realistic. 

Follow your heart’s desires and act based on what you feel when you see your angel number. Remember, the truth will set you free and help you align with your higher purpose, which is also what you need to do when seeing your angel number.

In Conclusion

Numbers are everywhere around us, and we all use them on a daily basis. Moreover, they are understood worldwide, which is why it is the easiest and most convenient method of communication. However, the trick is to learn and distinguish between a regular number and one that carries the angel power. 

We are spiritual human beings who thrive on emotions, energy, and senses. It is important to allow yourself to feel the Divine power that the Universe grants to every single one of us. So don’t stop yourself from believing in the angel’s presence and the magnificent energy of the numbers they send you. 

Discover your fate numbers and allow them to guide you. Live life being free and open to feeling universal love and unconditional support. Don’t limit your potential or doubt the strength you have. 

You are worthy and amazing. That is the main thing about your angel number. To remind you of your uniqueness and how special you are. To allow you to learn from your past and move forward. To heal you and give you the strength to let go of what causes you pain, sorrow, and grief. 

We are thankful for Angel numbers, and it is time to show that gratitude by living the way you are meant to. Listening to your heart and taking a leap of faith. Without fear, knowing that you have by your side your loved ones in a heavenly form, and even if you can’t see them, they are here every single step of the way!

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