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1252 Angel Number Meaning: Faith in The Higher Power

Seeing the angel number 1252 promises positive things ahead. When the angels send you the 1252 angel number, you can expect major life changes that will be for your benefit as long as you are ready for them. 

Angel number 1252 asks you to have faith in the angels and the higher power and know that they always want what is best for you. 

Read on to find out more about the secret meaning of angel number 1252. 

How Angel Numbers Work

All numbers have their unique vibrations and those combined vibrations give angels numbers such as 1252 their unique meaning. 

The number one, the first number, is symbolic of new beginnings, self-confidence, self-leadership, intuition, and ambition. It symbolizes the source of all life and how we are all part of the same entity. The energies of one are doubled in 1252 as it is also the root number.

The energies of the number two are also doubled in angel number 1252. The number two is closely associated with duality, spiritual awakening, relationships, balance, trust, and seeking the purpose of life. It represents family values, togetherness, and harmony at home. 


Number five is an adventurous number that brings changes. It is associated with personal development and adaptability. It encourages people to be courageous and ready to seize new opportunities.

Spiritual Meaning of 1252 Angel Number

Spiritually, the key message of the angel number 1252 is to have absolute faith in the angels and the spiritual realm. There will be times in your life when it feels like nothing is happening despite all your hard work. Don’t lose faith in your ability to reach your goals and, above all, in the universe. 

Even though it may seem you are not moving closer to your goals, there are things happening behind the scenes. The universe often works at a different pace from ours. So when it seems your progress has stalled, trust that everything will unfold in divine perfect timing. When you put your faith in the universe, your life can change in sometimes unexpected ways. 

New Beginnings

Because the energies of the number one are doubled in 1252, it is a strong sign that new opportunities are coming your way. It will mean that some things in your life are ending, but you should not worry about this change, but prepare for the new beginning with an open, welcoming mind. 

Find Your Divine Life Purpose

Do you feel happy with the career you have chosen? If not, the chances are that the angels sent you 1252 as a prompt to identify and pursue what you are passionate about. 

They are asking you to identify your soul mission and to have the courage to follow your heart. When what you do is in alignment with your life’s purpose, happiness and success will follow. 

Listen to Your Intuition

The angel number 1252 can be a reminder to listen to your intuitive thoughts. Too often we ignore what our instincts are telling us and listen to our mind or other people instead. 

The problem with the mind is that often it works based on our doubts and fears because change makes it uncomfortable and while other people will mean well with their advice, they cannot know what is best for you, only you can. 

Keep Learning

When the angels send you the number 1252, they are encouraging you to continue to develop and learn. It doesn’t matter how old we get or how much we know already, the energies of number one encourage us to keep growing and progressing. We can always learn more and continue to improve ourselves. 

New learning will increase your versatility and equip you with better tools to meet life’s challenges. 

Be Flexible

The energies of number five encourage flexibility. When you are prepared to change your approach, your perspective, and do things differently, you will find it easier to deal with different events and scenarios. 

Be Helpful 

Seeing the angel number 1252 reminds us to be of use to others. Share your gifts and good fortune with those who have less than you. If you are in a position where money is tight, remember there are many ways to help others. You can give your time and offer your services for free to help.

When we act out of pure selflessness, the universal law dictates we will receive kindness and support back.

Respect Yourself

Do you sometimes feel that other people have no respect for you or your opinions? For example, you are in a work meeting and either cannot get your voice heard or people simply dismiss your ideas. 

If that sounds familiar to you, it can be a sign that you don’t respect yourself. How can you expect others to respect you if you have no respect for yourself? 

Use the energies of number one to step into your power and practice assertiveness. Positive affirmation can help with developing a healthy respect for yourself. 

The Meaning of Angel Number 1252 For Your Personal Life

Because of the doubled vibrations of number two, the 1252 angel number has powerful messages regarding your personal life. 

Your Romantic Relationship

The angel number 1252 encourages you to show more commitment to your partner. Share your goals with him or her and encourage them to do the same.

When you share your goals and support each other in your endeavors, your relationship grows stronger. It also reminds you to be flexible as the relationship changes and develops. 

Remember Your Individuality

While the number 1252 encourages you to commit, the doubled energies of number one remind you of the importance of being yourself. While you and your partner are a unit and need to work together, you also need to keep your personal freedom and so does your partner. 

The best relationships are those where each partner feels secure to be their authentic self while working together toward their shared goals. 

Focus on Your Home Life

Because of the attributes of number two, the angel number 1252 is a powerful reminder to focus on your home life and your relationships. The angels want to bring happiness and harmony to your home. 

If you have been dedicating all your time and energy to your work recently, it is time to dedicate more time to your loved ones. While your goals are important, so is time with the people you care about. 

Create Harmony And Fix Differences

The message from angel number 1252 can also relate to your relationship with your siblings. If there have been disagreements between you and your siblings, bridge the differences to bring harmony to your family. 

Biblical Meaning of Angel Number 1252 

Biblically, the number 1252 is strongly associated with God as the source of all life and our union with the divine. It reminds us we are one of God’s creations and therefore, we can create our life experiences. 

We can manifest the life we wish to live as long as we have faith, and our thoughts, words, and actions are all in alignment. 


When the angels send you the number 1252, they are reminding you that you are a very talented person who is capable of great success. To achieve this, you must have faith in the divine and be open to new challenges. When you take the right action, you can create your own good luck and live the life you always dreamt of. 

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