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987 Angel Number Meaning: Your Journey to Higher Wisdom

In the mystical realm where numbers dance with cosmic secrets, picture yourself as the chosen voyager, the one who keeps seeing 987. It’s as if the universe has placed its gentle hand on your shoulder, guiding you toward a path of higher wisdom and enlightenment. Angel number 987, with its celestial grace, carries a message of profound significance, waiting to be unveiled.

In this article, we’ll unravel the enchanting 987 angel number meaning, unraveling the secrets it holds and the transformative journey it promises. 

So, let’s embark on this cosmic expedition together, where every digit is a beacon of light guiding us toward a brighter, more enlightened existence.

Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism of Angel Number 987

The angel number 987 is like a key to the door of higher wisdom and spiritual growth. Composed of the energies of 9, 8, and 7, it’s a celestial message of profound significance. 

The number 9 signifies spiritual enlightenment, the culmination of one’s spiritual journey. When it appears in the sequence, it emphasizes the importance of serving humanity and letting go of material attachments. 

The number 8 is often associated with abundance, success, and the material aspects of life. However, in this context, it calls for a balance between spiritual and material pursuits. 


Lastly, the number 7 represents spiritual awakening, introspection, and deep inner understanding.

For someone who keeps seeing 987, it’s a call from the universe to embark on a path of higher wisdom. It signifies that they are nearing the end of a spiritual cycle, ready to step into a phase of enlightenment and service to others.

It encourages them to strike a harmonious balance between their material and spiritual lives, aligning their actions with their higher purpose. It’s a cosmic assurance that they are on the right path toward a more spiritually fulfilling and abundant life.

What Is Angel Number 987 Trying to Tell You?

The guardian angels send a resounding message to those who see angel number 987: You are on the brink of profound spiritual growth and abundance. Embrace this journey with an open heart and a willingness to serve others, for your path is illuminated by higher wisdom. 

Trust that the universe is aligning everything in your favor, and as you embrace your spiritual purpose, you will find not only enlightenment but also abundance beyond measure. Stay optimistic, for your guardian angels guide you toward a brighter, more spiritually fulfilling future.

The Significance of Angel Number 987 in Numerology

Number 9 Meaning

In numerology, the angel number 9 is often associated with compassion, universal love, and spiritual enlightenment. It represents the humanitarian and selfless aspects of our nature. People influenced by the number 9 tend to be kind, empathetic, and drawn to helping others. 

This number signifies the completion of a cycle and the transition to a higher level of consciousness, making it a symbol of spiritual awakening and transformation. It encourages individuals to let go of the past, forgive, and embrace a broader perspective, ultimately leading to a more compassionate and fulfilling life.

Number 8 Meaning

In numerology, the number 8 is often likened to the astrological influence of Saturn. It symbolizes power, success, and material abundance. Individuals associated with the number 8 are typically seen as ambitious, driven, and focused on achieving their goals. 

This number suggests a strong connection to the physical world and material wealth, mirroring astrology’s exploration of how celestial bodies influence our earthly lives. It encourages individuals deep into astrology to harness their inner strength, work diligently, and make wise financial and career decisions to manifest prosperity and success in their lives, aligning with Saturn’s disciplined and structured energies.

Number 7 Meaning

The angel number 7 corresponds to the mystical and intuitive energies often associated with Neptune in astrology. It symbolizes inner wisdom, intuition, and a deep connection to the spiritual and metaphysical realms. 

People influenced by the number 7 tend to be highly intuitive and introspective, seeking answers beyond the material world. This number encourages those deep into astrology to embrace their psychic gifts, explore spiritual practices, and trust their inner guidance. It mirrors Neptune’s influence, urging individuals to dive into the depths of their consciousness, uncover hidden truths, and embark on a profound spiritual journey.

Number 98 Meaning

In numerology, 98 combines the energies of 9 and 8. The number 9, akin to the Hermit card in tarot and Neptune’s spiritual influence in astrology, represents spiritual awakening, inner wisdom, and introspection. 

It encourages individuals to seek deeper truths and align with their higher selves. On the other hand, the number 8, mirroring the qualities of Saturn in astrology, signifies material abundance, leadership, and karmic balance.

 When combined, 98 suggests that by delving into spiritual exploration (9) and maintaining balance in material pursuits (8), one can achieve profound personal growth and success while staying aligned with their life’s purpose. It resonates with individuals who understand tarots, astrology, and numerology as a call to harmonize the spiritual and material aspects of their lives.

Number 87 Meaning

In numerology, the number 87 blends the attributes of both 8 and 7. The number 8 signifies material success, abundance, and balance in one’s endeavors, while the number 7 represents introspection, inner wisdom, and spiritual growth. 

When combined, 87 signifies that aligning one’s life with values and goals (7) can lead to a harmonious blend of material prosperity and spiritual enlightenment (8). It encourages individuals to seek a balanced approach to life where their actions resonate with their core values and aspirations, ultimately leading to personal fulfillment and material success.

Biblical Meaning of Angel Number 987

In biblical numerology, the number 987 doesn’t hold a specific or direct significance, as biblical interpretations often rely on individual digits’ meanings. However, when considering its components, 987 combines the energies of 9, 8, and 7.

Number 9 in the Bible symbolizes divine completeness and spiritual wisdom. It’s often associated with the culmination of God’s divine plan and spiritual awakening.

Number 8 signifies new beginnings, rebirth, and resurrection, echoing the transformative power of Christ’s resurrection and the promise of a fresh start.

Number 7 represents divine perfection, spiritual insight, and divine guidance, mirroring the seven days of creation and the importance of seeking God’s wisdom.

Therefore, 987 in a biblical context may signify a journey of spiritual awakening (9) and renewal (8) guided by divine wisdom (7). While not explicitly mentioned in the Bible, this number suggests a path of spiritual growth and transformation, ultimately leading to a deeper connection with divine purpose.

Angel Number 987 and Love and Relationship

Angel number 987, in the context of love and relationships, carries a profound message of spiritual growth and the pursuit of a higher love. The number 9 represents spiritual enlightenment and completeness. When it appears in matters of the heart, it signifies a deep, soulful connection with a partner, often leading to a relationship that transcends the ordinary.

Number 8 symbolizes new beginnings and rebirth, suggesting that those who see 987 are on the cusp of a transformative love experience. It indicates a fresh start or a rekindling of passion within an existing relationship.

When someone keeps seeing 987 in the context of love, it’s a divine sign that they are on the path to a spiritually enriching and profoundly fulfilling love connection. This angel number encourages them to embrace this transformative journey with an open heart, as it’s leading them toward a love that is not only profound but also spiritually enlightening. Trust in the process, as it guides them to a higher level of love and partnership.

Angel Number 987 and Friendship

In the realm of friendships, angel number 987 signifies a period of spiritual growth and the emergence of profound connections. The number 9 represents spiritual enlightenment and completeness, indicating that these friendships are evolving toward deeper, soulful connections. Number 8 suggests new beginnings and the potential for transformation within friend groups, leading to more meaningful and spiritually enriching relationships. 

Those who see 987 in the context of friendships are encouraged to embrace these changes with an open heart, as they are leading to connections that resonate on a higher, more spiritually fulfilling level. Trust in this process of growth within your friendships, as it is guiding you toward more profound and meaningful relationships.

Angel Number 987 and Twin Flame Reunion

Those who encounter 987 in the context of their twin flame journey are reminded to trust in the spiritual growth and transformation occurring within this connection. 

It signifies a harmonious and spiritually aligned partnership with the potential for profound insights, growth, and unity with one’s true counterpart. Embrace this journey with an open heart, as it leads to a union of profound spiritual significance and mutual transformation.

Angel Number 987 and Career

In career and finances, angel number 987 conveys transformation and alignment with one’s higher purpose. 

The number 9 indicates that your career path should be spiritually fulfilling and aligned with your true calling. Number 8 signifies abundance and new opportunities, urging you to embrace change and welcome financial growth. Meanwhile, number 7 emphasizes the importance of intuition and inner wisdom in career decisions. 

When 987 appears, it’s a cosmic reminder to follow a career path that resonates with your values, embrace change and new opportunities, and trust your inner guidance for financial success. This number encourages you to align your career with your spiritual purpose, ultimately leading to abundance and fulfillment

Angel Number 987 and Life Purpose

Angel number 987 carries a profound message about discovering your life’s purpose. The number 9 symbolizes spiritual enlightenment and serving humanity, while the number 8 represents the manifestation of abundance through purposeful work. 

Together, they encourage you to align your life’s purpose with financial abundance and spiritual fulfillment. Number 7 adds the element of inner wisdom, emphasizing that your life’s purpose should be guided by intuition. 

When you encounter 987, it’s a reminder to seek a path that combines your spiritual calling with practical endeavors, ultimately leading to a purpose-driven and prosperous life.

987 Angel Number Meaning For Manifestation

The essence of angel number 987 guides you to manifest your desires through a harmonious blend of spirituality and practicality. The number 9 signifies spiritual enlightenment and service, while the number 8 represents material abundance and the power of manifestation. 

Number 7 adds inner wisdom to the mix, urging you to trust your intuition. When you see 987, it’s a reminder to manifest your dreams by aligning your spiritual beliefs with tangible actions. By embracing both your spiritual and material aspirations, you can effectively bring your desires into reality.

What To Do When You See Angel Number 987

When the angel number 987 repeatedly appears in your life, it’s a powerful message from your guardian angels to take meaningful action. 

Firstly, embrace your spiritual journey with a deep commitment to self-discovery and service to others (9). Secondly, focus on your financial goals and confidently pursue your aspirations for abundance and success (8). Finally, trust your inner wisdom and intuition (7) to guide your decisions and actions.

To harness the energy of 987, start by setting clear intentions for your spiritual and material growth. Engage in practices like meditation and self-reflection to enhance your spiritual awareness. 

Simultaneously, work diligently towards your financial objectives, being open to opportunities that come your way. Your guardian angels support you on this transformative path, so trust in their guidance and take inspired actions. This balanced approach will lead you to achieve your spiritual and material goals, ultimately bringing you happiness and fulfillment.

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