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8404 Angel Number Meaning, Symbolism, Love, and Twin Flame

Do the numbers 8, 4, 84, 40, and specific Angel numbers 8404 often catch your eye? Know there is a special meaning of numbers. There is a particular reason for this, as your guardian angels are passing on a message to you through divine guidance. 

There is no coincidence that your bills often add up to $84.04, or you see 8404 on number plates and house numbers.

This article explains all you need to know about Angel number 8404!

Meaning of Angel Number 8404

8404 is an extraordinary number associated with acceptance. The angels are telling you to love yourself as you are. The message here is to accept your weight, the shape of your body, the thickness of your lips, and even the size of your nose.

Self-acceptance is everything associated with this number. Marissa Peer is one of the UK’s top therapists who teaches self-acceptance. She focuses on the phrase “I am enough” to be repeated so one can accept and believe in oneself. 

Angel Number 8404 Symbolism

The symbolic meaning of Angel number 8404 symbolizes the building of a solid foundation to be successful in one’s life. It tells you to have patience, take your time, and put in an effort every day toward your dreams and goals.


If you have wanted to lose weight and build a better body and keep seeing this number, it tells you to cut out junk food and slowly start exercising, even if it starts at just 10 minutes a day, if that is all you can handle.

If you have wanted to start your own business, it tells you to make the first steps towards that – speak to a financial planner and see what materializes and go from there.

Angel Number 8404 Spirituality

There is a definite biblical meaning and spiritual meaning of Angel number 8404. The 8th Angel is Sandolphon, in charge of embryos and unborn children in Jewish and Christian texts.

Sandolphon differentiates each child’s sex from boy and girl. When you see 8404, you may start feeling more gender fluid and questioning the sex you were born with.

The 4th Angel is Phanuel. He ministers truth and serves as an Angel of judgment. 8404 reminds you to lead a truthful and moral life. It reminds you that any lies you have told will be revealed.

Meditation is important. You can do this by playing calming music and lighting some tea candles. Close your eyes and concentrate on the number 8404 to focus on God, the Angels, and all the blessings they shine on you. It is a very spiritual number. 

Angel Number 8404 Numerology

Special Number 8

In numerology, life path number 8 is mighty and compelling. It points to people who usually build empires and immense wealth. Number 8s are fantastic in business and understand how the market works. By the law of attraction, they attract wealth.

Special Number 4

Life path 4 people are about internal stability, great self-belief, building a structure, and putting things in place to build a successful future. People like Oprah Winfrey and Kim Kardashian are number 4s.

Numbers 84 and 40

The number 84 is all about abundance and success. 40 is a number that the angels are looking after you and that the hard work you put in is being noted. 

Angel Number 8404 Love

Upon seeing the 8404 angel number 8404, know that love is on its way to you; however, you must be prepared for it and ready to commit to another person.

Scorpio and Cancer rule the eighth house in Astrology and the 4th house, respectively, so these will factor in when you see 8404, as emotions will come into play.

When looking at the eighth house (Scorpio’s house), it’s all about profound transformation, other people’s resources, and the orgasm. The fourth house (Cancer’s house) is about nurturing, the family, love, care, the kitchen, and home. 

When seeing 8404, know that Scorpio and Cancer’s forces are involved here. It tells you that someone compelling is about to step into your life, often with resources, such as money, to which you will have access.

It also indicates that the person about to step into your life will be a fantastic mother or father to your future children.

If you are already in a current relationship, it indicates that marriage is in the cards for you, or if you are already married, it is time to settle down properly and create a big family of your own.  

Angel Number 8404 Soul Mate

Angel number 8404 indicates that your soulmate is near; you just put yourself in a situation where you will meet them. It’s also an indication that your partner is your soulmate.   

If you are single, you may meet your soulmate near the ocean, pool, lake, or other body of water since the numbers 8 and 4 relate to water signs, Scorpio and Cancer, respectively.

Since four is involved, you could meet your soulmate on a cooking course, in a restaurant, or in a place that sells home décor.

Expect this person to have dark hair and blue eyes or eyes of another color that looks at you intensely. They may often wear the colors black, blue and maroon. They could also have a round, moon-shaped face and a broad chest. 

It can also indicate the name of a person you will meet, beginning with a “D” or an “H.” 

Angel Number 8404 Twin Flame 

A Twin Flame is your exact half with whom you have highly romantic feelings. They hold a flame in their hearts, which search for their other half their whole lives. Know that if you see the 8404 angel number, your romance partner is your twin flame.

If you are single, you can rejoice because seeing 8404 means that your twin flame is about to step into your life and will introduce structure, tradition, and stability into your love life. This is the person you have always been looking for and can build a relationship with.

This person will offer the emotional generosity that you are looking for. You no longer have to be a prisoner of your past. Nobody can hold you back anymore. Your current awareness of love and psychology can only grow from here.

Angel Number 8404 Career 

Angel number 8404 connects to Pluto and the Moon, ruling Scorpio, and Cancer, respectively. These are both emotional signs.

Suppose you are a student and keep seeing this number. In that case, it indicates a career as a psychologist, psychiatrist, sex therapist, gynecologist, politician, detective, and data analyst, which are all excellent choices for you.

It can also indicate that a career as a nurse, kindergarten teacher, chef, caterer, or assistant to older people would feed your soul.

If you are already working, seeing this number can indicate that you should push for a managerial position or a promotion and even start a business of your own. You may even want to join night classes or study an MBA online, as this will appeal to you.

It is an indication that your self-applied excellent work is being noticed. New beginnings are on the horizon because you work hard to make things happen. 

Angel Number 8404 Health

As this number connects to your emotional body, it is essential to focus on your mental health. Meditation, yoga, and Pilates are all important, not only for your physical body but for your mental strength too.

Scorpio (number 8) rules your sexual and reproductive health. It’s essential, therefore, to constantly engage in safe sex.

You also need to watch out for problems such as constipation. Make sure you eat many water-based fruits and vegetables to help with this. Also, make sure to drink a few cups of herbal tea every day.

If male, make sure to get your prostate checked regularly.

Cancer (number 4) rules the chest and breasts. Make sure to go for yearly mammograms if female. Also, be sure to strengthen the pectoral muscles.

Angel Number 8404 Tarot

Many turn to the Tarot to get much well-guided advice about the future. When they pick cards, their spirit guides and angels guide them towards specific cards to choose from.

There is no 84th card in a Tarot deck, so we can look at the number 8 Tarot card, the number 4 Tarot card, and the 40th Tarot card.

The number 4 Tarot card is the Emperor. The Emperor indicates using creativity to grow a business or even establish a family. The number 8 Tarot card is Strength; this is all about courage, strength, and self-discipline.

The 40th Tarot card is Four of Wands, indicating rewards for efforts made. 

Angel Number 8404 Manifesting Goals 

To manifest your goals, it is essential to work with the numbers 8 and 4. Citrine is the most beautiful crystal that relates to the number 8. It helps manifest material success, increases intellect, and gives you joy and self-confidence. 

Meditate with Citrine, holding it in your non-dominant hand to receive its energy, preferably in the morning as the sun rises. It will be best to do this by a beach as the waves make their melodic sound.

Green Quartz is a lovely crystal that balances energy and makes you feel better. Use this to manifest any goals relating to feeling better in general and making your dreams come true.

Hold this crystal in your non-dominant hand after lighting a green candle. This has many healing properties. Close your eyes and concentrate on the healing benefits and all the goals you want to manifest, guided by positive and healthy energy. 

Angel Number 8404 Money

8404 is a powerful number related to money as it relates to working hard and building structures to make an empire of wealth. It is a message of congratulations. This number indicates that you have permission to get a loan – provided it is put into a business that can grow more money for you.

Be wise with your “piggy bank” and save wherever you can use it in an account that gains much interest. As this grows, you will be a “walking wallet” full of monetary success. 8404 means prosperity and good luck. 

8404 indicates that money is on its way to you; it’s waiting for you, and you need to put in the right energy to receive its abundance.


Your Angels love you, so they keep showing you the number 8404. Know you are protected and loved whenever you see this number and understand at the same time that all your hard work will pay off in the end! You will have an abundance of happiness.

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