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1199 Angel Number Meaning, Symbolism, Love, and Twin Flame

Keep seeing 1199 as you go about your day? There might be an important reason you see the 1199 Angel Number, perhaps because your guardian angels have a special message for your life purpose, and a spiritual awakening could be coming.

Look no further if you want answers about the message within angel number 1199. Instead, read below to learn about the energy Angel Number 1199 could be trying to tell your soul mission. 

Meaning of Angel Number 1199

The meaning of angel number 1199 is radical acceptance of change and deep understanding that everything happens for a reason and may require sensitivity on your part and creativity. It is time to take your past experiences and learn from them.  

It symbolizes good luck and a powerful omen that signals you are now coming onto your destined path. For example, you might become a healer, a teacher, or a guide for others, using your unique talents and gifts. You can count on your self-reliance. 

Do not fear change or the endings that may be taking place now. They are meant to happen to take you on the next stage of your journey. That is the true meaning of the 1199 Angel Number. Many valuable lessons are to be learned.

Angel Number 1199 Symbolism

Angel number 11 is associated with Archangel Michael and is a profoundly divine number. Know that spiritual forces are at hand behind this number. 


Number 1 is associated with God, and number 9 is related to the divine spirit. So here you have a new beginning blessed by the Universe, which shows you are ready to progress to the next level of your spiritual journey. 

A breakthrough is about to occur, ordained for you by the Highest Power. 

Number 9 is associated with Universal Spiritual Laws and Karma. It is about getting back what you put in and what you have been blessed to receive for past good deeds. 

It is not about instant gratification. It is about spiritual satisfaction through the Ascended Masters. 

Angel Number 1199 Spirituality

It is time to unleash your wisdom and progress your spiritual growth. You have an essential mission to undertake as a leader and are being called to step up. 

Look at your reflection differently now, as this number changes the spiritual aspect of our lives. There is a strong bible meaning in this from the great scripture. 

1+1+9+9= 20 = 2, which is a powerful number. It denotes choices, love, partnership, and balance. 

We also have the following numbers and digits:

  • 11 represents faith, divine authority, and following your mission 
  • 9 represents wisdom, letting go, compassion, and service to humanity
  • 1 represents new beginnings and leadership. 

Angel Number 1199 Numerology

Special Number 1

The number 1 relates to the self or individual. People with life path number 1 tend to enjoy the limelight, being first at things, and being born leaders. 

There are warnings in this number to stop putting others first and have the grace to think of and put yourself first. 

Number 1 also relates to fresh starts, adventures, and new beginnings. It is about a journey, a new chapter, and a chance to rejuvenate. 

It also speaks of independence, courage, sudden changes,  perseverance, and leadership. Life path 1’s tend to be go-getters.  One is about independent people. 

Celebrities with the number 1 life path include superstar actresses Drew Barrymore and Kate Winslet, talented actors Tom Cruise and George Clooney, and talented singer Miley Cyrus.  

Special Number 11

In numerology, the number 11 resonates with following a divine mission and clear ideas. It is a highly spiritual number, denoting mastery, enlightenment, and a sentimental relationship with the universe. Therefore, much attention is given to this number affecting your life cycle.  

Life path 11 individuals are usually severe, intuitive, extremely hard-working, and focused on their purpose. They are typically critical and influential people who rise to the top. 

Many famous people have the lifepath 11. However, just a few include inspirational actor Orlando Bloom, spiritual teacher Doreen Virtue, and composed actress Jennifer Aniston—also former President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle Obama. 

Special Number 9

Number 9 resonates with completions, endings, closing out cycles, independence, and intuition. People with life path nine are said to be ‘old souls’ here to help humanity and act as guides or leaders. 

They are often kind, humble, sincere, and willing to help others. However, they can be sensitive people; this number’s secret meaning is goodwill and the invisible hand of great strength. 

Famous people with this life path number include Mother Theresa, supermodel and celebrity presenter Tyra Banks, actors Morgan Freeman and Harrison Ford, and the late singer Whitney Houston. 

Angel Number 1199 Astrology

What does astrology have to say about angel number 1199? 

Number 1 is linked to the zodiac sign of Aries. These natives are active, bold, courageous, and natural-born leaders ruled by the planet Mars.  

Number 9 is linked to the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. These natives are adventurous, philosophical, and optimistic. The planet Jupiter rules them. 

Number 11 is linked to the zodiac sign of Aquarius. These natives have a deep affinity with the connections in the universe and compassion for humanity. They are ruled by the planet Uranus. 

So here we get the idea of an influential, courageous person who is intelligent, cultured, practical, and wise and here to help humanity.

Angel Number 1199 Tarot

Tarot cards are used to read energy and can highlight circumstances of situations. Each card has a unique meaning. Let’s see how the power of the cards blends with the point of 1199. 

The card with the energy of number 1 is The Fool. It symbolizes new beginnings, risk-taking, innocence, and a journey into the unknown. 

The tarot card with the energy of the number 9 is The Hermit, which represents going within, inner wisdom, enlightenment, and teaching. 

The tarot card with the energy of number 11 is Justice which represents being accountable, doing the right thing, consequences, truth, and law. 

These cards mesh well with the energy of angel number 1199 and confirm the messages of change, new opportunities, and expression of deep spiritual wisdom. 

Angel Number 1199 Love

Upon seeing the 1199 Angel Number, know that the angels are working with you to bring the changes you desire in your love life. 

There may be several areas of your life that you are giving an overhaul to prepare for love to enter. 

It might be as simple as getting your home in order, perhaps doing some feng shui to ensure your home’s energy is open and receptive to attracting love. 

Decluttering will make you feel more in control and at ease in your surroundings, so feel free to experiment with colors, textures, and patterns to update your abode. You might also be working on your goals and dreams. 

You understand that to attract love, you must raise your vibration to that of love, and you are constantly working on yourself to keep your thoughts positive, so love manifests for you. 

Self-care, self-love, and inner child healing can also go a long way to getting your natural vibe as high as possible. The more you focus on yourself and your true calling, the more magnetic and attractive you become. 

The person the universe has chosen for you will be fortunate as you have evolved so high spiritually. You are ready for true love to enter. 

Angel Number 1199 Soulmate

When you see Angel Number 1199, you may receive clues or signs from the universe that can help you prepare for your soulmate’s arrival. 

Your soulmate might be someone sporty, well-traveled, and knowledgeable. Like you, they seek interesting conversations, passion, fun, and adventure. They might be tall and athletic, with muscular legs and a cheeky smile that enchants you. 

They might be a Fire sign and a go-getter living in the fast lane. They might also be introverted yet quietly powerful, intriguing, and mysterious.  

Angel Number 1199 Twin Flame 

Seeing 1199 indicates that things might be at a crossroads with your twin flame. You may feel strong and independent yet wonder if your paths will converge again. 

It seems you have so much going on that you barely think of your twin flame these days. You have learned lessons, gone within, and healed yourself, and your masculine and feminine energy is coming into perfect balance. 

You have realized you no longer need your twin flame to feel good about your prospects for the future. 

This is a good sign that you are where you are meant to be and that the necessary lessons have been incorporated this lifetime. You are at peace with the situation, maybe even considering big moves or changes that may impact the dynamic. 

If you are separating, you might wonder where this leaves your relationship.

You are at the stage now where you can surrender it all to the divine. You are working on yourself and following your purpose. You are trusting the universe. 

Angel Number 1199 Career 

Angel number 1199 carries the energy of leadership, wisdom, spirituality, and being of service to the world in a meaningful way. 

This is the energy of someone with great power and authority. 

You might think about spiritual work, teaching, law, humanitarian missions, writing, social welfare, or career paths involving travel. You influence Uranus, so perhaps astrology or science is where you can make your mark. 

Angel Number 1199 Health

Angel number 1 is associated with red and yellow, so you should wear these for new beginnings, adventure, and decisive action. 

Angel number 9 is associated with red, blue, green, and black, so wear any of these for spiritual growth and downloads from your guides. 

Number 11 responds well to pale blue, yellow, and pink, so wear these for enlightenment and spiritual protection. 

Aries rules the head, teeth, and arteries, while Sagittarius rules the hips, thighs, and liver. You might benefit from exercises like walking or cycling, and you should avoid toxins or too much alcohol. Aquarius rules the calves, ankles, and shin, so don’t strain these areas. 

Angel Number 1199 Manifesting Goals 

Using crystals to enhance your angel number’s energy can help strengthen your manifestations. 

To manifest using angel number 1, you need a garnet that strengthens relationships and gives courage. For angel number 9, get some coral, hematite, jasper, or rose quartz. 

Angel number 11 works well with Angelite, angel aura quartz, or clear quartz. 

Spread your crystals before you and place a yellow candle so the light reflects on them and concentrate on your solar plexus chakra. 

Meditate on your growth in strength, confidence, and power. Let the energy of your crystals, angel number 1199, and the laws of the universe combine to help you manifest your dreams.  

Angel Number 1199 Money

The energy of 1199 works with the power of Aries, Sagittarius, and Aquarius. So, Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus work together to help you achieve abundance. 

You have the ability to make a difference and wealth will follow. You have so many indicators here of success, leadership, and an important role you are destined for. You may not be a materialistic person at all. 


Feel fabulous when you see angel number 1199 and know that your angels want to support you to step into the beautiful, essential, and extraordinary life meant for you. It is a lovely number of spiritual enlightenment.  

Angel number 1199 says it is now time for you to step up and shine. 

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