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1104 Angel Number Meaning: Take Inspired Action

Have you recently seen the angel number 1104 everywhere? If you have, it is a good sign that your guardian angels have been watching you and want to communicate with you. They want to help you meet your goals and achieve long-term success. 

The 1104 angel number is a powerful number for manifesting. It is a sign that you have the power to co-create your reality. The number 1104 signifies new beginnings, inspired action, and hard work toward your goals. 

Continue reading to learn the full meaning of angel number 1104. 

Interpreting The Angel Number 1104

If you are new to angel numbers, you might wonder why there are different meanings for one number. It is because each of its digits carries with it a set of symbolism that combine to give the angel number its meanings. 

You may relate to some of them more than others depending on your life situation. Therefore, it is important to center your mind before reading the information below and let your intuition guide you toward the right meanings and actions for you. 

Symbolism of One

In the 1104 angel number, the energies of one are doubled, which makes it a strong symbol of you entering a new phase in your life that will bring with it many new opportunities. It is symbolic of self-development, spirituality, and independence. 


For some people, the number one may be a sign that you have suffered from seriously low self-esteem and are now working on accepting and loving yourself. 

Symbolism of Zero

Zero represents both nothingness and endless potential and choice. It is symbolic of the endings and beginnings that are all part of the cycle of life. 

It can be a sign that you are ready to break old patterns and stop going in circles. You are now in a place where you have freed yourself from limitations. 

Symbolism of Four

The vibrations of the number four symbolize diligence, strength, practicality, and stability. It is a sign that you can rely on guidance and support from the divine realm. 

People associated with the number four value integrity, honesty, and traditional values. Sometimes, the number four can be a sign of inflexibility and hanging on to old ways of doing things. 

The Symbolism of Root Number Six 

In numerology, the root number is found by adding all the digits together until we are left with a single-digit number. 

For 1104, the number at its root is six. Number six is symbolic of finding harmony and stability, It symbolizes family, love, and cooperation and encourages compassion and kindness towards others. 

Biblical Meaning of 1104 Angel Number

The presence of the number zero makes 1104 symbolic of God’s force. It reminds us that God’s kingdom is eternal as is his love for us. 

We are all part of the same source and need to remember this in our communications with other people. 1104 symbolizes God creating the world and how we can be cocreators of our own reality. 

Spiritual Meaning of Angel Number 1104

Because the energies of the number one are doubled, 1104 is a strong sign to focus on your spirituality more. For some people, it can mean the beginning of a spiritual journey that will lead to spiritual awakening and enlightenment and help you find your life purpose. 

Activities such as mindfulness practice or meditation can help you connect with your spiritual side. 

For others, already well along their spiritual journey, it is a sign to continue on this spiritual path. 

Why Do You Keep Seeing The Angel Number 1104?

The main purpose of angel numbers is to lead us to take inspired action based on angelic guidance. Here is what the angels are encouraging you to do. 

Aim For Long-Term Success

Your angels always want what is best for you and they are urging you to use all your gifts and aim for long-term success. Maybe you have not yet realized your full potential and the angels want you to stop holding back. When you fully use your gifts in alignment with your highest good, you will see rewards. 

Build a Strong Foundation

The attributes of number four encourage you to start building a solid foundation for your future now. Make a long-term plan of where you want to be in a year and break it down into small actionable steps. You can have prosperity and stability in your life, but only when you take action. 

Align Your Goals With Your Soul Mission

Have you figured out your soul mission yet? Do you love what you do? The angel number 1104 is a sign that you need to align your goals with your soul mission and purpose.

If you are not sure what your soul mission is, think about your passions. For some people, this may be creating something, while other people may have a passion for customer service or sales. When you do what you love, you are more motivated and likely to succeed. 


You may have a habit of doubting your intuition or questioning the path you are on. When your guardian angels send you the number 1104, they urge you to trust them and your inner wisdom. 

Trust that you are on the right path and exactly where you should be right now. Have faith and patience while the divine powers work things out in your favor.  

Keep a Positive Mindset 

Your angels urge you to release all negativity. If you often have negative thoughts or focus on what is lacking, this will stop you from manifesting an abundance of love, happiness, wealth, health, or whatever it is your heart desires. 

Having a positive mindset will make it easier not just to manifest what you desire, but to face uncertainties.

Love Yourself 

The angel number 1104 is a reminder to love yourself. The double energy of the number one may be a sign that you have difficulties in accepting and loving yourself. 

This may have led you to behave in certain ways or make certain choices that are not in alignment with your highest good or your authentic self.

Use positive affirmations to release negative beliefs about yourself and to realize you are worthy of everything you wish for. 

Final Words on Angel Number 1104

When the guardian angels send you this number, they encourage you to focus more on the spiritual aspects of life and cultivate a love for yourself. They ask you to maintain a positive attitude and work diligently to achieve your goals. 

Be prepared to take inspired action in alignment with your highest good, knowing that the universal energies support you.

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