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Our Guidelines

  • We are currently seeking for articles in the following 2 categories: Business and Personal Development.
  • Here are the topics within these categories that we’d love to feature: Business, Career, Entrepreneurship, Startup, Finance, Marketing, Innovation, Leadership, Networking, Teamwork, Sales, Personal Development, Adversity, Attitude, Communication, Creativity, Motivation, Positive Thinking, Goal Setting, Success, Failure, Money, Productivity, Reinvention, Time Management.
  • We like articles that are interesting, a little personal but not too much. More importantly, the content needs to be informative, inspiring, positive and actionable. You can write a list-type article such as “7 Things You Can Do Daily To Increase Your Happiness“. Check this example!
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  • Each article should be at least 1,000 words.
  • We do NOT accept SEO purposed articles. If you only submit low quality articles for back link purpose, we will reject it. All external links will be nofollow unless to authority websites.

Submission Format

  • You are not required to send us photos for the blog post, our team will find suitable free royalty images to use.
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